Sunday, July 19, 2015


Tucson Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ

We have been here in Tucson for a week now and have been so busy with appointments. Joe has had blood work and a visit to the Oncologist. All looks good and his CT is scheduled for this coming Wednesday. Sure will be glad to get that over with. We both had a visit to the dermatologist. Joe had 3 biopsies done and we are waiting the results. It seems chemo does a great job breaking down the immune system and consequently leaves nothing to fight off those bad cells that cause skin cancer. We also both saw the eye doctor and have new glasses to pick up next week. Yippee!

The weather hasn't been too bad. Monsoon season has started and just about everyday we have thunder and lightening either close by or off in the distance.

Wrecks has had an upset tummy. He threw up for 2 days so on the 3rd day we made a trip to Ajo Vet Clinic. He had x-rays done and thank goodness there were no masses or obstructions. Blood work should be in by next Wed. He is much better and holding down a bland diet of chicken and white rice.

I haven't had the camera out so the pictures in today's post are left over from Montrose. The wildflowers peak about now so we missed that beautiful explosion of color. We did enjoy some scattered spots of splendor...  

American Bistort Flower

King's Crown
Fringed Bluebells

Blue Columbine...declared the Colorado state flower in 1899.  

Some say the blue represents the Colorado skies, the yellow center represents gold ore and the white, the snow-capped mountains...what a beauty!
Monument Plant...a mountain meadow plant. The plant can live up to 60 years storing up energy to bloom and make a seed. All the energy is used to grow a stalk that may tower up to 9 feet tall, bearing hundreds of flowers. After the plant flowers, it dies leaving thousands of seeds to carry on. 

Blooms on a monument plant...
Rosy Paintbrush...all the "paintbrush" flowers are in the
Snapdragon family.
Tundra Paintbrush
Purple Fringe Flower
Moss Campion...each plant may live over 100 years and can become a "nursery" plant for other alpine species providing shelter, moisture, and soil for seeds to germinate and grow. 

Mountain Blue Violet

Marsh Marigold

Blue Flax...each five-petaled flower blooms for one day and then sheds its petals. A single plant will bloom for several weeks and then develop dozens of tiny bowl-shaped pods full of seeds to be scattered in the wind. 
Wild Rose
"Living is not enough. One must have sunshine, Freedom, and a little flower." Hans Christian Anderson

Well, until next time...


  1. Wednesday is going to be a big day in your house! Hoping all is very positive for Joe and Wrecks:) I love that you know the names of all the wildflowers. I always learn so much from your posts:)

  2. Getting doctor appointments and probings behind us, is always a good thing. Love the wildflowers.

    1. Thank you Jeri!
      Yes it is...will be glad to get next week under our sleeve too!

  3. Next to birds I love wildflowers. Thank you of labelling what you captured Gay they are all so beautiful.
    I hope all reports come out with good results for Joe and Wrecks.
    Where are you staying in Tucson?

    1. I agree MonaLisa...birds and wildflowers are so much fun to photograph!

      We stay at the Tucson/Lazydays KOA. They purchased it from Lazydays RV sales last year.

  4. Gay, your wildflower photos are stunning! I love them all especially the Columbine! Glad to hear that yawl are settled in Tucson, safe and sound and that you both are taking care of appointments. We had to do the same thing! I sure hope Wrecks is doing well! It is so sad to see them upset. I will be thinking of you and Joe on Wednesday.

    1. Thank you Sheila. We are praying for a clear CT. We are also praying for Kloud. It is sad to see our pups feeling bad. Like you, we are thankful to have found a caring and thorough vet.

  5. Hopefully looking at those CO pictures cools you down while in AZ. Thank goodness for monsoon season and its cooling effects!

    1. It does help Lisa...we haven't hit the triple digits but a couple of times since we have been here. The lightening strikes are phenomenal! I keep thinking I need to get the camera out and try to get some photos...

  6. Beautiful area that Montrose. I liked how you added little snippets on the flowers, interesting & informative. It appears you've had your hands full lately with all of the doctor & vet visits. I do hope Joe biopsies all come back fine & that Wrecks is back to his old self soon.