Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Windows at Sunset

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
June, 21, 2015

Our last adventure with Joe III and Jena was another sunset ride...this time on Willow Springs Road taking the backway into Arches NP. Willow Springs Road is our favorite way to enter the park (especially this year as the lines to get in have been very long and slow at the main gate) unless we have an early morning hike planned.  

Our first stop was to check out the dinosaur tracks a few miles into the road. It's fascinating to think about the tracks found at various places in and around Moab. 

These particular tracks were believed to be made by the Utahraptor...the largest raptor that ever lived weighing in at 1,000 to 2,000 pounds. 

Dozens of different kinds of dinosaurs have been discovered in Utah. The Utahraptor fossil type was discovered in 1991. 

Willow Springs Road ends almost at the foot of Balanced Rock. What an amazing rock formation...the total height is 128 feet. The balanced rock rises 55 feet above the base. 

Our next stop was The Windows section in Arches NP. When we pulled into our parking space, the picture below was what we saw but it wasn't quite dark yet. So we scrambled up to Turrent Arch.

 By the time we walked up to Turrent Arch, the sky was a blaze with color...

This was the prettiest sunset we have seen in a long, long time!

What an awesome week we had with Joe III and Jena. They have returned to South Carolina. Joe is busy with work and Jena is involved with a summer theater production. We miss you, and are looking forward to another visit when you can get away.

Let the good times roll...  



  1. Sounds like your family had a great visit thanks to their fun tour guides. Beautiful sunset!

  2. These evening rides are gorgeous! Thank goodness it cools down enough for you to get out and about...your photos are just wonderful! The shot of the Joes walking together is great!

  3. Sunset sure an cast a gorgeous view. You have great memories and fabulous photos.

  4. That is an incredible sunset. We are sadly lacking here in the desert. No clouds to help out. Glad you had such a wonderful visit.

  5. We just drove the back entrance road for the first time in April. What a great drive! How gorgeous was that sunset!! Wow! What a perfect place to be to see all this color. Glad you had a wonderful visit with Joe and Jena:) Having our kids visit is so much fun.

  6. Another spectacular capture, the sunset is gorgeous, ooh and ahhh!
    I sure hope Joe and Jenna had many memories to take back to SC, thanks to mom and dad.