Monday, August 24, 2015

No News...

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT

 No news doesn't exactly mean we have not been busy. Yep, we have managed to have some lazy days, some work days, margaritas and burritos, a Lion's Back breakfast at the diner

 and some really fun days. 

Lazy days are filled with puppy play time early in the morning and at dusk, computer and reading, dinners grilled outside and oh yes, camera favorite past time!

 We took a day to go back to Steel Bender to find an obstacle called The Wall and to prop up some fencing. It wasn't the best fix, but we figured at least the area looks routinely checked. 
A successful climb up The Wall and all smiles! (Photo by Dee) It's alot steeper that it looks in this picture.

Fencing looks much better.
 And look what we saw on the way out...a baby gold collard lizard. He was about 21/2 inches long and his green back had the prettiest shimmer!

Last Friday we had lunch at one of my favorite spots...Barney's. To get there we had to climb a waterfall, a wedgy and several fins. What a treat to go wheelin' with our friend Duane and his son Peter, DIL Denise and grandkids Gracie and Madison who were visiting from Colorado.

L to R: Denise, Gracie, Duane, Madison and Peter
Duane in his awesome jeep!

Pearl followed them up The Waterfall...

and up Wedgy... Our first time with no spotter! 

and across the rim...
to Little Arch...

and the cave where Gracie and Madison had fun exploring both.

A few fins later, and we were at Barney's...

Barney's Overlook...The air in Moab Valley has been thick and hazy due to the smoke from the wildfires.

This insect and I had a stare-down as I drank my smoothie! My what big eyes you have! I won as he reluctantly turned and crawled away.
The girls also found frogs. The ripples and shadows look like there is water here, but it was very dry. 

Last June Joe and I were invited to join in on the maiden trail run of Jim Horne's ( friend and owner of Outlaw Jeep Tours) race buggy. He built it himself and what a treat it was to see it for the first time in action. 

My what big feet you have!

Well, I said all that to say that this past Saturday, we were excited to go to Jim's first race. We rode with Dee to Grand Junction for the Dirt Riot Endurance Race. Totally amazing! Since June, his race buggy has doors and a nice purple touch. Steve Nantz (friend and co-owner of Moab 4X4 Outpost) was the co-pilot! Just as he was flyin' over this hill, we all heard a roadrunner "Beep, beep". Now how cool is that?

Dee's picture shows them flyin' perfectly over the first hill on the track right in front of us!
And with a perfect landing!

Not all of the other buggies were as graceful...

Thankfully the wind was blowing all that dust away from us. There were about 7 race buggies participating. 

Saturday night ended with a Moab Friends For Wheelin' potluck supper and club meeting. 

I forgot to mention Gracie did a dang good job driving 

and so did Madison!

We drove down Wedgy too! No pictures of us as I was too excited to get out and take them!

Until next time, let the good times roll and...



  1. Now you sure have been having a lot of fun, out and about.

  2. I sure do love those collared lizards, but I've never seen a baby, how neat! That shot with the purple flowers and the butterfly is sweet.

    You guys sure are having fun out on those rocks!

  3. Nice shots of the jeepin'! And the baby collared lizard.

    We're hoping to see some of those collared lizards in October when we go to Palo Duro Canyon for a week. Palo Duro Canyon in Texas is the second largest canyon on the mainland U.S. after the Grand Canyon. It is near Amarillo.

  4. Love the critter photos. Enjoy your visit with family.

  5. Thanks for joining us on Poison Spider, we had a great time!

  6. What fun! Great ride with lots of different obstacles. Pearl (and Joe) did a super job:) The Wedgy (I even recognized it before I read your caption) without a spotter! Wahoo! That's some fine driving:) Love the stand off shot between you and the insect:)

  7. Those little critters sure are photogenic. Great shots of tires in the air too.

  8. You guys are way having too much fun! But love all your captures of the lizard and that insect you scared it away.