Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Steel Bender

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
August 15, 16, 2015

Wrecks was a little under the weather last week. It is always a difficult decision as to whether or not to make a visit to the vet. He was seen on Wed. at Moab Vet Clinic and its a good thing we went. As it turned out he had a bladder infection. He is much better now!

Mill Creek
Last Friday morning we ventured out with Dee to do a "new to us" trail...Steel Bender. What a nice surprise to encounter washed rocks in creek crossings, sandy washes, slickrock, and lots of rock ledges. Mill Creek is a major drainage from the La Sal Mountains so this trail is constantly changing.  We traversed through the canyon and rode narrow ledges that climbed to overlooks of Moab Rim, Mill Creek Canyon, and the La Sals. 
 Moab Friends For Wheelin along with the BLM and representatives from the mountain biking community added fencing for a safer trail and to protect trees and vegetation. 

The fence has since been cut and bent over. What a shame. Even with the fence, the trail is plenty wide offering a variety of choices to climb/descend rock ledges ranging from moderate to difficult.

Beautiful views of Moab Rim...


The Whale's Tail...my favorite!
 Late Saturday afternoon, we joined in on a Hell's Revenge run to put up "No Vehicle" signs in a couple of areas where vehicles have driven off trail...this wash tub is not a legal BLM approved obstacle.

Jeff and Glen installing one of the signs.

The late afternoon sunlight was very nice...

Looking back at Pearl...

Johnny picking up trash...we always carry trash bags.

It wasn't all work. Dave and Dee flawlessly crawl up a major obstacle on Hell's Revenge called The Escalator. 

Have a great week...


  1. More good times on the trails:) I just love seeing Moab from above. The photo "Looking back at Pearl" Is gorgeous!

    Good thing you did decide on the vet:) Glad Wrecks is doing better.

  2. That last shot looks like a roller coaster!

    We have not been in trashy areas for a while now...but oh my goodness, Texas had mountains of trash along the trails, very sad to see. It's really smart of you to carry trash bags in the Jeeps.

  3. You sure do find places to go with great views and photo ops.

  4. It is really sad when signs are just ignored. You are doing a great favor for helping putting up signs and picking up trash along the way.
    Jeeping does give you not only thrills but great views altogether.