Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cliffhanger and Hikes to Petroglyphs

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
August, 30, 2015

 At the last Moab Friends For Wheelin club meeting, Melissa volunteered to lead Cliffhanger with side hikes to some very impressive petroglyphs. This past Sunday we were up early as the group was meeting at 9:00 am. Last fall we were passengers with Dee when she did Cliffhanger and I remember every minute of it! 

We were assured by Dee, Melissa and Glen that Pearl and Joe would be just fine!

Our first stop was a half mile rock scramble up the side of a cliff. Melissa, in the orange T-shirt, leads the way.

It is thought that this panel dates back to the Fremont Indians somewhere between 800 and 1100 years ago. It consists of three sections. The first section is a single bighorn sheep on a narrow wall offset on the left. 

Then around the corner, these two pictures make up some of the center panel which include a very large human figure, the owl, vultures and a line of sheep.

The third panel is to the right around a sharp corner. It's a single figure holding a drawn bow and arrow. It looks just like he is waiting for the first sheep to come around the corner. 

The "Owl Panel" depicts the best-made owl (of the ones found thus far) in the area and the little vulture glyphs are said to be regionally unique.
Rosie takes a photo.
Back on the trail...the main route is 4.3 miles of non-stop rock crawling and beautiful scenery. The trail narrows and hugs the cliff wall. 
Going down the narrow ledge...

Dee disappears down the boulders. sure felt good to stretch!

Lunch at the overlook.

L to R: Shirley, Jeff and Melissa

Well, what goes out to the overlook has to return to the trailhead...

We did take one other short walk to view a huge bighorn sheep. The lighting was terrible. This one measures about 4 feet long.

Thanks for the photo Dee.

Well until next time, let the good times roll...



  1. I am new to your blog. Your Jeep excursions are so scary looking to me. Our Sahara has a very sedentary life!!! I am curious, have you ever crashed one? Have you rolled down a mountain?

    1. Good morning Flowergirl. Thank goodness we have never crashed or rolled down a mountain. Our jeep, Pearl, is our everyday vehicle. Once we saw a jeep flop onto its side, but little or no damage was done.

  2. Those are some amazing petroglyphs! Some really unique figures. And the rocks! WOW!

    1. We had a great day Lisa. The hikes were fun and a chance to breath deep! The toughest ride thus far for us.

  3. Gay, this looks like one of the toughest trails Pearl has been on. Some of those rock climbs look like they would be impossible for a Jeep. The dune buggy type things seem to meant for that. I am assuming that Pearl and all the Jeeps made it since you are writing this post:) What a crazy ride but so cool for us reading. You got some awesome photos! I love the header with the reflection in the Jeep hood:) and that is a great shot in the mirror! What a day!

    1. Thanks Pam...we made it just fine. You are so right in stating that this trail is the toughest yet for Pearl. The 37 inch tires we had put on last November made all the difference! You would so love the hikes to the petroglyphs...they were amazing!

    2. I was wondering wheI saw some of those huge boulder climbs Pearl had to do! Wow! Joe isbecoming quite the driving pro:)

      What would the hike to the petroglyphs be labed? Yes, I would love to see them.

    3. It would be a piece of cake for you and John. There is also a panel called the Moab Maiden close by. My friend Melissa is quite the petroglyphs expert here and knows where lots of them are. Joe and I will be here (unless we have medical issues)in April and May next year so I do hope we can hit the trails together!!!

    4. I don't know if the hike has a "name", but there is lots of info on the Moab Owl Panel.....

  4. Too much fun out there and lotsa challenges as well.