Monday, September 28, 2015

"Not What It Appears To Be" On Hell's Revenge

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
September 21, 2015

Dave and Lynn, their son Richie and cute little Yorkie, Daisy arrived at Portal on September 12th. Yep, that's how far behind I am on posting all the fun we have been having. We have had a great time wheelin' and visiting the past couple of weeks. 

It was a beautiful Monday morning. Skies were blue, jeeps were shiny, and I wish I could say the air was cool, but we haven't been that lucky this month...a perfect Hell's Revenge kind of day!

Larger vistas that sweep full circle from the LaSal Mountains through Arches NP, to the cliff rims that overlook Moab Valley make this my favorite trail. 

Hell's Revenge is 6.5 miles of pure scary fun! A roller coaster ride up and down, over and around sandstone domes and fins with a few rock ledges, and sandy washes thrown in just to give me a chance to put the camera down, gulp a few sips of water and catch my breath. 

We had traversed about half way when we encountered a dome we now know is named Cowboy Hill. Dave made one attempt, then another, and once more when all went awry. In the process of backing off the climb, his front locker, driver side G2 Axle and brake caliper were destroyed.

Joe and Dave contacted our friends Steve Nantz and Jim Horne. We sent the picture below to them. 

They advised us to remove the wheel, strap the caliper to the axle, and drive it out in 3-wheel drive. 

Dave then discovered he had no brakes because of the loss of fluids. The leak was stopped at the busted caliper and an attempt to restore brakes by bleeding the system failed. 

Richie did a great job covering the fluids with sand.

At that point, the boys strapped Pearl to the back of Rokelle and we proceeded out with Pearl serving as brakes for both jeeps. 

On the way out, we ran into Jim who was doing a jeep tour. He checked things out and gave the guys some transmission fluid to attempt to bleed the brakes again.  Thanks Jim!

We made it back to Moab 4X4 Outpost where Rokelle spent two nights and was repaired.  Dee was at the Outpost when we pulled in and commented how creative the guys were and that the picture was "not what it appears to be". Another true adventure in the memory bank with great friends! 

Next up, National Public Lands Day 2015. Until then, let the good times roll...



  1. You always come up with such beautiful and daring photos.

  2. With views like that I can see why it is a favorite trail:) So glad you were able to get your friends Jeep back safely.

  3. You have been busy and having fun, glad that you goy that jeep back out and repaired, another reason why not to vemture out alone .

  4. Love those petrified dunes...though it's too bad one got the best of the buggy!

    I am sure missing the cooler temps of the mountains right about now...