Thursday, November 12, 2015

Riding, Riding, Riding and One Happy Puppy

Fort Stockton RV Park
Fort Stockton, TX
November 12, 2015

Today was day three (400+ miles each day) of our trek back to Tucson. We have 2 days (one long 400 miles and a short 160 miles) to go. It's been an uneventful haul...thank goodness! 

We had our very own welcoming committee when we pulled into the Jellystone RV Park in Robert, LA. Dover was very interested in the geese as they slowly waddled on. The sight or sound of Belle did not phase them one little bit.

There was a large grassy area across from our site covered with dead leaves.  Jack was one happy puppy!

We adopted Jack in July 2010 from the Humane Society. He is 71/2 years old as best we know. We always say "Jack is the life of the party."  He loves to have fun! And he is so dang cute!

Of course, there were two puppies not so happy...

Not to worry, they had a nice long walk later. 
Wednesday took us through Houston...yikes! Lots of highway construction going on. The buildings and skyscrapers are eye catchers. I love the reflections...especially the clouds and sky.

We both spotted an object zooming upwards at the same swooped back down to do its job.

Last night was spent at Columbus RV Park in Columbus, TX. Early to bed and early to rise...we pulled onto the I-10 just as the sun was coming up.
My favorite part of today was traveling through Hill Country.

We are settled in tonight at Fort Stockton RV Park.

The puppies have played in the fenced in off-leash doggie park and Joe and I finished the lasagna I made to bring with us. Time to relax and get ready for another day. Until next time, let the good times roll...



  1. Glad the trip has been smooth so far. You should get the PDD medal for so many days of 400 miles.

  2. We will be making that same route but not until February-ish. Everything depends on weather that time of year. Safe travels for the rest of your journey.

  3. I agree with Judy. You guys need the PDD medal. Those pictures of Jack are beyond cute. What a sweetie. Safe travels.

  4. Love the pics of Jack.
    We have done that route many times. I-10 through Texas is a long drive.

  5. Jack is one happy camper! Love the header photo:) Safe travels with all those miles:)

  6. Is Jack still as feisty as he used to be? Someone forgot to mention to him that he is a little pip squeak..he sure is cute.

  7. Oh those are some long travel days! I don't think Rosie could handle 400 miles day after day!

  8. I wonder if in the future we will have similar long drives. I remembered stopping by Fort Stockton and left one of my bird feeders there two years ago.
    Your photos of Jack is so sharp and vivid and you capture his happy demeanor and cuteness.

  9. Gay, WOW so many miles rolling each day! I don't think I would like that. Sometimes we must do what we don't like I know. I hope you are now settled in Tucson. Gosh, what a handsome little Jack; great action shots of him.