Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Town too Tough to Die

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
February 12, 2016

Last Friday, Joe and I rode over to Tombstone with Lynn and Dave.  We had never been and I know it sounds cheesy, but I really wanted to see a gunfight and eat at Big Nose Kate's.

Tombstone was founded in 1877 when silver was discovered. It wasn't long before cowboys, prospectors, homesteaders and gunmen filled the streets, saloons, and brothels. 

In it's early history, Tombstone survived two devastating fires. But the "town too tough to die" rebuilt and grew. It is fun to think about the legends, like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, who walked the streets there and gave this mining town it's storied history. Today, I read that Tombstone is home to only about 1500 year round residents who believe in preserving the history and heritage of "The Wildest Town in the West".

We did see a gunfight. It wasn't at all what I thought it would be.  Instead it was an outdoor theater company.  Quite comical and well done, it had everything...including
the bad guys,

the bad guy who was double-crossed and shot,

the drunken town sheriff, 

and my favorite, the crazy prospector.

There are lots of lunch choices in Tombstone, but for the four of us, there wasn't even a discussion. We were headed to Big Nose Kate's. 

So who was Big Nose Kate? She was believed to have been the first "lady of the evening" in Tombstone. But her biggest claim to fame was the fact that she was also Doc Holliday's girlfriend.  

BNK's saloon is a lively, colorful and yummy place to grab a cold brew and a burger...we all sure enjoyed it!

What a fun day with good friends! 

Until next time, happy trails!


  1. We rode over to Tombstone and went through the cemetery but didn't walk through the "town." Looks like you had a fun day with friends:)

    1. You missed a big treat if you didn't go to Big Nose Kate's...lots of fun Pam! We missed the cemetery!

  2. I see you made it to Tombstone and Big Nose Kate's. And glad you enjoyed it.
    Lots of things to look at and make you think about days gone by.
    Think we will have to stop in again in a couple weeks.
    I can hear that overstuffed Reuben calling my name again.

    1. I had a yummy patty melt...guess I had better go back! Everyone is very it when the Cowboys say "Howdy ma'am!" .

  3. Lots of great western history stuffed into one little town. The Earp brothers did make themselves into legends of the Wild West. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    1. You are so welcome Jeff! We had a great time....

  4. What fun! We must be cheesy too. Don & I have Tombstone on our radar. We want to see the gunfights, drink in the saloon & get just as wild & boisterous as the old cowboys once did.

  5. Tombstone is so much fun. There are so many things to do and a lot of places to visit. We just loved it.

  6. All our stops there and we haven't seen the gunfight or the main street yet - your pics are absolutely wonderful, especially the characters (love the prospector). We only ate at the Longhorn so will have to catch BNK's for sure next time!

  7. We hope to visit the area next winter and Tombstone will be on our must see list.

  8. We missed the gunfight when we were there for it was snowing :(
    We find the museum there pretty interesting.
    Glad you had a fun day with friends at the gunfight shoot out.