Tuesday, February 2, 2016

OOPS! I Almost Forgot Hollenbeck Canyon Trail

San Diego Metro KOA
Chula Vista, CA
January 29, 2016

Our last hike in San Diego was the Hollenbeck Canyon Trail just off Honey Springs Road in Jamul, CA. It is about a 21 mile drive from the KOA. 

This is a popular biking trail as well so there are lots of choices on trails to take and miles to hike. We first did this hike last year and somehow missed a turn that would have taken us on a loop, actually a lollipop loop. This year we were determined, well hoped, we would get it right. And we did!

The trail we hiked was just under 5 miles. It felt good to lace up the hiking boots again. 

The first portion of the trail is an open meadow.

Next comes my favorite...a trail shaded by gigantic oak trees and lined with luscious green grass. Both these sections make up what I refer to as the stick on the lollipop. Nice since you get to do that part twice!

 It's too early for alot of color...just hints of whites and yellows with a dash of purple every now and then.

 The grass was cool to the touch, smelled so fresh, and fun to watch dancing in the breeze.

On our way out, we had time to play. It's been a long while since I have climbed a tree...

The loop is not shady at all. Southern girls "mist" rather than perspire...but not this day! A full blown sweat! We climbed and used some muscles that needed a good workout.

We took our time, drank lots of water and admired the view.

 Until next time, happy days and...
 happy trails!


  1. WOW - surprised the grass is already so green. I'm tempted now to spend more time in South Bay and East County - Just not in summer :).
    Thanks for your inspiring and must-do posts.

  2. Lovely hike! Trees and rocks do bring out the child in us, which is a good thing:) Keeps us young at heart.

    Welcome to Tucson:) Please stop if you are out walking. We are in #1584 which is way on the other side of the park in the opposite corner.

  3. There are so many places to go and so much to do around San Diego. It's one of our favorite places for sure.

  4. Wonderful pics among the rocks and oaks - glad you remembered to share it with us!

  5. There's that trail again, the one we haven't done yet! Thanks for the reminder...love how green it looks!

  6. Love the "Tan Clan" ... great looking dogs!!!