Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Blackett's Trail Ridge

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
March 14, 2016

One of our favorite hiking spots in Tucson is Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.  So yesterday we headed that way full of excitement and energy to hike up to Blackett's Ridge. The nice volunteer who gave us our map said we could see the peak we planned to hike from the center.  Joe very calmly said "We are going there !" to which I quickly replied,  "Sure, it's not that bad." We actually did this hike 2 years ago and all I honestly remembered about it were the most amazing views.  

The first 0.4 mile of this 6.2 mile (round trip) trek was fairly level on the wide path that leads to and from the parking lot.  

From there we connected with the Phoneline Trail and hiked 1 mile which has a slight elevation gain of about 350 feet.   

Then we made a right turn onto Blackett's Ridge Trail.   This part of the trail packs a great punch ! 1.7 miles with nearly 1,700 vertical feet of climbing.  

The terrain is rocky and rugged...a full-on cardio workout !

Going up...

We saw buds...lots of buds !  

And a few blooms too... 

and with all the buds on the saguaro they will be flowering soon.  In fact, it looks like a white bloom on the back of this one, but it was too far away to go see.

 Yippee!  I can hardly wait to see these beautiful blossoms.

We love the colors in the desert this time of year.  I only included a sampling of the wildflowers we saw.  

(Note how short Joe's trekking poles are)

Stopping to take it all in slowed us down a little bit.  But we were in no hurry.  

Bear Canyon

Sabino Canyon


The last little bit of trail as you walk out to the point is amazing.  The terrain and vegetation is so different.  I enjoyed the golden desert grasses.

End of trail...

 This trail is an in and out...sooooo, what goes up must go down !

Joe was very happy that on our last hike with John & Pam (ohtheplacestheygo.wordpress.com) Pam reminded him to lengthen his trek poles when going down.  For some reason, he had strayed from the proper length setting on them from last year and Pam's reminder got him back on track (ha! ha!) just before we started the down hill trek.  A huge thanks to Pam ! It made a big difference.... no more leaning over when taking the big steps down !

It's always fun to run into locals.

And another sign that spring is just around the corner...

 Until next time, take care and...



  1. Another beautiful hike, you have a great eye for what the camera will show your followers. But didn't that sign say Tram Stop #9? Might consider that over 1700' gain over 1.7 mi :) ?

  2. I am so jealous!! I can't believe you got to see saguaro blooms. Lucky you:) You definitely have the saguaro bloom calling:)

    What a great hike! Sure looked like a beautiful day with gorgeous surroundings:) So glad Joe lengthened his poles for the trip down. Sure helps the back.

  3. Another nice hike and amazing scenery.

  4. You're right! The views are amazing! The trail looks well maintained too.

  5. I'm learning from vicarious hiking that views mean elevation :-) Beautiful pics of the delicate flowers!

  6. We're coming to Tuscon next winter and looking forward to seeing some of this country.

  7. Oh my goodness, the saguaro has started to awaken! This trail could be one of the reason we will come back to Tucson! Have you visited Tortilita Mountains yet? The hike there is just another beautiful view of tall green giants.

    1. Haven't made it there MonaLisa and it looks like we are running out of time. That will give us something to look forward next time since we have to be here every 6 months. We have been busy checking things off the list. You would love Blackett's. A dang good workout with awesome views to keep you distracted!

  8. We've not done that trail, looks fabulous! I can't wait to see the saguaro blooms through your lens! :-)

  9. Gay, beautiful photos! Great bird photos! Are you using your 600mm lens?

    1. Thanks Sheila...its alittle heavy to take on hikes...I just use the 70-300 lens and hope for the best.

  10. Beautiful! Spring hasn't quite made it to Moab - should be soon though.

  11. You found Roadrunner! ...Where's Coyote?