Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tanque Verde Canyon

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
March 10, 2016

March is certainly flying by.  Last week we found ourselves homeless for a day.  Belle was getting her oil changed and I got a much needed new washer/dryer.  The weather cooperated as we hunkered down in the x-pen with the pups under the orange tree we thought had a pleasant smell.  

We are not so fond of the smell now!  Joe and I  suffered horrible sinus headaches for three days as a result. 

Other days this month have been spent with appointments for me.  It is a relief to get those dreaded doctor visits done and I only have one more left next week.  Yippee! 

 Today was our first free day to get out and hike.  So it was off to Tanque Verde Canyon.  Tanque Verde began as a small community settled by ranchers in the 1860s.  The name of the area, which means "green tank" is reference to the algae in a large and prominent stock water tank used for cattle in the late 19th century. 

It's not a very long hike, but one filled with lots of punch.  Switchbacks that carry you to the canyon floor also carry you back to the parking lot.  The trail is just wide enough to keep you from getting scratched by the thick growth of the desert garden you walk through.  

As you wind your way to the Tanque Verde River, the views are amazing.

Looking towards the city...

The first view of the river...

And the opposite canyon wall...
 Then there is all the beauty right in front of me...

Once at the canyon floor, you are on your own if you want to continue to the waterfalls.  There are a lot of boulders to climb over and play on as you make your way up canyon.  Pools were knee deep or more and waterfalls were plentiful today.   

 Boulders are huge...a sample of what we climbed over.
 A little piece of desert paradise...
We could hear the sound of rushing water ahead...a great motivation to continue.

After a lot of scrambling, there it was...the lower falls.  We stopped here, but there is another (much bigger) waterfall further up the canyon.  

As we walked back to the trail I noticed a cool reflection in the water. 

What a great morning.   

This past week-end we had some high winds and storms.  

But nothing like Ronnie and Carol had at Pismo Beach, CA.  Carol sent us the following pictures...

Thank goodness no one was hurt. Carol and Ronnie's MH did not get any damage.

And Sally wanted me to mention she got a  haircut and nails clipped (actually all three pups did).  Joe even dropped me off at VerVe for a morning at the salon too. The girls are looking good !

Until next time, take care and...


  1. Storms seem to be hitting all areas of the southern US. It's been a wild year so far. Love your pictures.

  2. What a great hike! That's quite a bee swarm along the way, but no stings and a reward of the waterfall.

    1. It is one of my favorite hikes here Jeff. Its a little slippery going down the canyon wall and an awesome workout going up it.

  3. Just in case anyone wantsto know, no one was injured in that tree-mashed MH, though the residents were INSIDE at the time the tree fell.

  4. Good to see you out on the trail:) Looks like a nice trail. I love the rocks. We've never done this one. Next time:) That is an amazing swarm of bees...scary!! Tell Sally she look adorable:) What a terrible storm for CA! Glad your friends weren't hurt.

    1. Sally said "Thank you Pam!" The bees were everywhere. It was scary!

  5. Oooooh, I've not been there! Something to look forward to on our next visit to Tucson! Gorgeous! The bees are kind of freaky...

    1. Freaky and scary...I was alittle intimidated to pass by them Lisa. It's a good little hike and the water is definitely beautiful!

  6. I think that butterfly picture is really nifty.

  7. Another reason we don't like parking near huge trees. Glad everyone was ok.

  8. The Tan clan and mom got their beauty treatment!
    Love that reflection of saguaros! great photo Gay.