Monday, April 11, 2016

Jackson Hole

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
April 10, 2016

Sunday dawned with excitement as Joe and I got ready for our first 4X4 trail of the year.  Moab Friends For Wheelin' had Jackson Hole (a new to us trail) on the calendar.  MFFW is an awesome group of people and we are so fortunate to be apart of this club.  

There were 12 rigs total...a nice group of Samurais, jeeps and a Toyota Buggy. 

 It was so much fun seeing everyone and when we stopped we all jumped out of our rig and picked up the conversation right where it left off from the stop before.

Jackson Hole has a moderate trail rating due to some small ledges and rough spots.  It heads north and west of Hurrah Pass and loops around Jackson Butte.

It's always a beautiful sight to stop and take in the view at Hurrah pass.  
We could barely see Jackson Hole trail from Hurrah is in the lower right side quadrant of the photo.  
  It was a gorgeous day with warm sunshine, blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Round trip was about 50 miles which includes the 12 miles for the Jackson Hole loop. 

The picture below shows Jackson Butte in the center.  Jackson Butte stands in the middle of Jackson abandoned meander of the Colorado river.  The trail loops around the butte.  The high rocky cliff that curves around behind Jackson Butte is the Cliffhanger 4X4 trail and biking/hiking trails. 


Our lunch stop was a great area to explore.  There are a lot of river rocks and petrified wood covered in manganese... so shiny and black.    
 The hill behind the rigs was covered in these beautiful tiny pale lavender flowers and. 

This is the fourth year Joe and I have spent several months in Moab.  There is a definite draw for us to visit this scenic paradise.  Whether it's hiking or wheeling,  there is a wow around every turn. 

 Until next time, happy days and...

    happy trails!


  1. What fun for sure! And, here I thought you were talking about Jackson Hole, WY!

  2. Oh My - what a beautiful trail to exercise the Jeep!

  3. I'm sure it was very exciting to get back and see your 4x4 friends and hit the trails:) Sure is beautiful all around.

  4. Such wonderful scenery there and fun times, keep enjoying your time there.

    1. Sure will...hope you don't get tired of red rocks!

  5. Looks like a fun way to spend a day.

  6. What fun! Wonder if our Cherokee would finish that trail? I've followed little Razors through the desert :D Beautiful scenery to enjoy - thanks for sharing.

    1. I don't think you would have any trouble. It's a beautiful ride!

  7. I felt your excitement while we we were still in Bluff. Now I can see why you keep coming back in Moab. Not only to be with friends but with these scenery it just beckons. With the short time we have, we will definitely come back here!