Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hike to Green Lake

Gunnison KOA
Gunnison, CO
July 15, 2016

If you are interested in a short hike with lots of punch, try the hike to Green Lake.  It is a 5.5 mile round trip in-out hike with an elevation gain of 1,365.  The trailhead is located on Kebler Pass Road.  Once you pass Irwin Lake/Campground there is a parking lot at the solar panel shed.   If you have a 4X4 vehicle you can continue driving .9 of a mile on the service road through private property.  Joe and I chose the latter option.  

Our hike began on the service road. 

The climb was steady as we snaked around the base of Ruby Range. 

Corydalis grow in thick bunches up to 5 feet tall.  The pink and white flowers smell sweet like lilacs.

We came to a sharp bend in the road and stopped to take  a break.  

 From here we made a steady climb on a more narrow trail.  

 Looking left we could see the road we had traversed (left top quadrant).

 It wasn't too long and the trail looked like this...

...then slippery and steep like this... 

...then scree...

...and finally like this. 
So far, this is my favorite hike here.  It certainly was not skimpy on spectacular vistas, the wildflowers were plentiful, and the destination was well worth the climb.  

One side of Green Lake was lined with wildflowers.  I walked a narrow path along the water.  Looking towards the lake...

 and away from the lake...

The water was crystal clear and very cold.  I love my new waterproof Merrell hiking boots !

 Two sides of the lake was scree.  A very steep side that I did not choose to conquer this day,

 but the opposing side was flat and easy to traverse...

...with hidden gems.
 The back side was steep and defined by snow.

 How cool to see ski tracks.
 So many colors in the rainbow and I believe I saw them all in the variety of wildflowers...

 My favorite for the day, Canary Violet.  A first sighting of this beauty. 

It was a glorious day.  A hike Joe and I highly recommend. 

 Until next time, happy days and...



Wildflower information from Wild About Wildflowers by Katherine Darrow


  1. You know you are getting high enough when you hit snow!!! My kind of country... it stole my heart over 40 years ago, and tho I see "other mountains" from time to time, it is these I'm married to :)
    Box Canyon

    1. There is a definite draw Mark. One of these days I want to hike a 14ner like you and Bobbie!

  2. Replies
    1. It sure is and the weather couldn't be better.

  3. Now that's my kind of hike! Looks like the perfect day on the trail. Thanks for taking me there!

  4. I'm with Lisa! Our kind of everything about it. How beautiful! Love, love the snow and a mountain lake. The wildflowers are spectacular! Thanks for sharing:) I sure could use some of that snow right about now:)

    1. You and John would love it too. It's beautiful here Pam! And the weather has been perfect!

  5. So much wow!! Absolutely beautiful.

  6. Going through your great captures, I grinned for it certainly looked like the hike we just did here at Glacier NP.
    I like this kind of hike, and will keep a note of this trail.

    1. It's my favorite kind of hike too MonaLiza...