Sunday, July 3, 2016

Long Lake Trail

Gunnison KOA
Gunnison, CO
July 3, 2016

We arrived at the Gunnison KOA this past Friday and haven't slowed down one bit.  Our friends Ronnie and Carol and their pup Cooper are here too.

The weather has been so nice with highs in the low 70s and nights in the mid 40s.  We have had thundershowers in the afternoons the past two worries, it's actually kind of nice.

The pups love the doggie park.  It's grassy with lots of trees, plenty big for playing and exploring, and CLEAN !  

 And then there is the treat is good for the Tan Clan and Cooper !

Saturday was spent familiarizing ourselves with Gunnison.  Important things were found like the car wash, Wal Mart, and City Market.  We also enjoyed a yummy lunch at El Paraiso with friends and made a stop by the Visitor Center. 

This morning we were up early and eager to hit the trails.  We chose an easy, short hike to get things started...Long Lake Trail.  It is located just north of Crested Butte on Washington Gulch Road.  It is a 2.5 mile in/out trail with a 515 elevation gain with a maximum 9690 feet.  Highlights of the trail are aspens, wildflowers and swimming...yes, there were swimmers when we were heading out.  

The first section of trail is a gravel road surrounded by aspens, evergreens and wildflowers.  It was a very comfortable 60 degrees when we started.  

Nothing quite like the smell of the forest...

Following the well marked trail signage, we made a left turn and connected to a narrow trail that followed Long Lake.  Absolutely gorgeous !

The trail ends at a fence with a private property sign.  

Of course everything in between had me on camera overload.   

Alpine Spring Beauty

 Mule's Ear


It sure feels good to have the hiking boots dusted off and we don't even mind that they are caked with rich black earth.  It was a great morning.  
It's a beautiful, winding 30 miles from Gunnison to Crested Butte on Hwy 135 north...the first of many (I hope!) trips that way.   Going was sunny...

...coming home was cloudy and rainy. We even had a brief period of sleet and hail. 

 Until next time, happy days and...
Rosy Paintbrush



  1. Your bodies must have been shocked by the temperature change after weeks over 100 in Moab. I bet it felt wonderful to be cool again:) I can't wait! What a beautiful hike! Love the wildflowers:) Oh, no, another treat person!! Lucky Tan Clan:) Good to see Jack with his ball:)

    1. The weather is wonderful Pam. We don't even mind the afternoon thundershowers. The wildflowers are so hard to photograph with all,the colors blended together...but I will happily keep trying. The Tan Clan says to let you know they still love their favorite treat lady!

  2. Certainly a nice change from the desert, and the smells in the forest are wonderful, enjoy...

    1. The cool mornings and pleasant afternoons are wonderful George as you well know.

  3. I agree, there is nothing like the smell of the forest, especially in the crisp clean air of morning. Beautiful area.

  4. LOVE that area! Looks like you are in for a wildflower bonanza!