Friday, September 16, 2016

Enjoying the Scenic Backways

Cannonville/Bryce Canyon KOA
Cannonville, UT
September, 2016

In addition to hiking, one of my favorite things to do is explore backways.  On several different days, we headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather and back country.  One of those excursions was East Fork Sevier River Backway.   

 We enjoyed a stop and walk along the water's edge at Tropic Reservoir.  I was surprised at how many ducks and geese were still here.

And of course, I had to stop and converse with the horses.

We turned on one of the many side roads named Long Hollow and discovered it was a Great Western Trail. 

I read that this trail system is 4,455 miles long from Canada to Mexico...

...and that these trails are just as they were when pioneers and cattle ranchers used them. 

 Another day we ventured out Cottonwood Canyon Road to explore Grosvenor Arch.  Its a magnificent piece of nature's art...a double sandstone arch.

I did wander behind the arch in hopes to find a trail to the top. Thanks for the suggestion Al ( ).  I didn't see a "trail" but I did see some beautiful rocks. 

While there we saw a helicopter carrying away huge bundles of something that caught our eye.

It turns out it is a new archeological site and findings were being taken somewhere by helicopter.

Regardless of which way we went, this is a land of silence, wide-open spaces, beautiful colors, and one cute sign.

And yes, fall is definitely in the favorite season !



  1. Love the peaceful quiet areas and the scenery there.
    Yes fall is in the air.

  2. That is a beautiful arch - and it isn't red!! Horses of course :-) Love the gas pump and all the wonderful signs of fall, my favorite as well.

  3. I loved the arch. Actually, the whole adventure looks like a nice one.

  4. Driving the back roads always makes for a great adventure. How cool that you got out to the Grosvenor Arch:) We have tried two different times from two direction. Once the road was too wet from the Bryce side and the clay was awful. Last year we tried to go up Cottonwood Canyon Road while we were staying in Page. The road was closed because the storms washed out areas! One day all the stars will align and we'll get there:) The horses are beautiful. How nice of you stop and chat:) I wonder they found at the archeological site!

  5. Love the sign! The arch is beautiful & looks delicate. The Western Trail is intriguing, how cool it would be to travel it by horseback from beginning to end.

  6. Glad you made it to Grosvenor Arch but of course you could with your jeep ! That is a beautiful arch and now I can say I 've seen it too through you.