Friday, September 30, 2016

National Public Lands Day

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
September 24, 2016

This past Saturday, Sept. 24th, was National Public Lands Day.  MFFW (Moab Friends For Wheeling Jeep Club) has lots of work days throughout the year but, National Public Lands Day is a BIG work day.  
This year the club chose to install NO VEHICLES, You are Here, and RESTORATION AREA signage and repair/block illegal "go arounds" all along 3D Trail.  Club volunteers divided into 2 groups and started at opposite ends of the trail.  Our group drove the trail backwards.  

JoAnn and Mike Kelso and Mat installed signs...
Our group of 6 jeeps divided into 2 to install signs and the other to work on "go arounds".  Joe and I spent the day with Dee, Pack, and Ann, raking over tire marks made by folks driving off the designated trails.  Then rocks & limbs were placed to block the entrance while simultaneously attempting to return the terrain to a natural looking state.
Illegal go around...
This picture is a prime example of the types of illegal trail being created by irresponsible individuals.   They are destroying the bank on the wash and the delicate desert vegetation.  In many cases islands are created that end up choking off and killing trees.  In fact, as I was raking at the entrance, a dirt bike came barreling around the curve headed for the bank and just about ran over me.
Dee and another volunteer strapping a dead tree to be moved...

Dee winched a dead tree to block the entrance to the above "go around" and then we raked and filled in the area with big rocks.

Lunch is always fun on the trail.  We sure worked up an appetite!  It was a long, gratifying, fun 8 hour day.  

3D is a beautiful trail that travels through washes lined with gnarly, old cottonwood trees, and over slickrock with spectacular views of canyons and beyond.  It has moderate ledgy challenges that add to the fun.  

Job well done !

Until next time, happy trails !


  1. Looks like you are doing a nice job fixing up the area once. Good this you did not get hit by that bike too !

  2. Such a great return by you and your conscience 4x4 community. Moab does attract a lot of off road enthusiasts.

    1. We do our best to set a good example for others Jeff. Some folks just don't get it!

  3. So nice to have Jeep Clubs that are willing to go out and work hard to keep the trails as they should be. I am always amazed at how many places people create their own road, trail, or path. We see it (as I know you do) on the hiking trails where someone is too lazy to go to the corner and around and instead cuts down a steep bank destroying all the vegetation on the way. Sounds like a wonderful day giving back:)

    1. It was fun and rewarding Pam...we look forward to helping every September.

  4. We thank you for your hard work--it's so annoying to see people not respecting our lands!

  5. Good Job and Kudos to you, Joe and your club! Its heartwarming to know that a club like yours give back and setting an example to the other irresponsible jeepers.

  6. Kudos to all of you for giving back. But be careful out there, not all off roaders are as conscientious about their surroundings or safety as you are.