Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October Fun...Part 1

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
October 2016

After looking at the calendar,  I realized we have been busier than I realized wheeling with Dave and Lynn and MFFW.

First up was Fins and Things.  What a treat to follow The Perkins as we traversed steep slickrock climbs and descents with a few big ledges in between. 

Top of the World was on Dave's bucket list so we headed out Scenic Hwy 128 early one morning to check it off.  I love the 30+ miles (one way) we travel on 128 to get to the trailhead...such a beautiful drive along the Colorado past Castle Valley rock formations and Fisher Towers with the La Sals in the background.  

The highlight for me was my first time wheeling Pearl.  I had a great time on the easier lower section of TOTW as we drove out.  It's quite fun choosing the right line up, down and around small ledges.  It's not fun using the clutch and changing gears. Even so,  a few  "Wahoos !"  could be heard from the driver's side. 

The highlight for Dave's first time on TOTW was parking Rokelle on the ledge. Unfortunately, it was 12:00 noon and the lighting was horrible for pictures.  Note to self...dont arrive at the overlook at noon again !  
Heading home on 128... 

One of my favorite trails is Hell's Revenge.  Long, narrow and sometimes quite steep sections of trail on fins can't be bypassed and add to the scary fun of Hells.  There are four difficult ( well, to me they are extreme and thank goodness they have bypasses ) challenges on this twisty 7.8 mile  trail...three of which we have never driven Pearl on and most likely never will.  But its always fun watching others.  We have enjoyed this Moab classic twice so far this month...first  with Dave and Lynn and then with MFFW when we took out three vehicles that had never done Hells.

Did I mention the scenery on this iconic Moab trail?  Its amazing !  Everywhere you look there is beauty up close and as far as the eye can see.

 Here is Rokell carrying the Perkins and their puppy Daisy down the ledgy exit from Hells.

 On the Moab Friends For Wheeling run

Donavan and Stephanie rode behind us.  They have a 2015 stock, 2 door, manual Wrangler Sport...just like Pearl was a few years ago.  This was their first time wheeling..EVER!  Donavan is a natural with lots of motor cross experience.  I am pretty sure we will see them again in the spring with a "not quite so stock" jeep.

Its always a treat to head to the overlook with folks who have never been on Hells.  Its such a magnificent 360* view.  Parking with a group can be a little tricky !
Looking down on the Colorado and Hwy 128...

Following Donovan was Rick and Jody in a Nisan Xterra.  They did great on their first Hells outing.  

Glen dips into Mickey's Hot Tub.  Such a smooth driver that Glen is !   His Jeep YJ (which he stretched and built himself) is quite capable and fun to watch. 
This was Keith's first time in the hot tub in his new  Jeep buggy.  Glen spotted him in and out...

...a great show for sure !  

The thrill of the day was watching Keith (with a spot from Glen) climb The Escalator.  Its a two in one obstacle that gets you really tippy.  He did great and the second time up, he didn't need Glen at all.

October has certainly gotten off to a great start here in Moab. It's definitely our happy place and we are sure enjoying Gopher Flats !

 Our very good friends Jim and Barb Horne are right next door.
 The Tan Clan frequently can be seen watching under our motorhome for Lew (Jim and Barb's 12 year old Basset Hound) everyday with hopes of meeting up in the doggie park.  I think Sally is in love ! 

 The afternoons and nights are cool...just right for a visit by the fire pit !

 Look for part 2 in a few days...until then, let the good times roll !
Rokell leads the way on the north section of Fins and Things.       


  1. You have been busy! It also looks like you've had an amazing time. And, as usual you have great photos to post.

  2. You are just having way too much fun, think we gotta check out some of that are, but no jeep. just want to see it.

  3. Looks like you have a little piece of heaven there. Love seeing the Tan Clan:) Maybe have them turn around for me so I can see their smiles:) What spectacular days on the trails! Beautiful scenery with great clouds:) Boy are we missing the rocks. Thanks for lots of special photos. Congratulations on taking the wheel!!! Way to go, Gay! Look out, Joe, you might need another Jeep!!

    1. Thanks Pam. I was surprised how much I really liked driving on trail. Not crazy about the clutch though...totally different from going to the grocery store!

  4. Wohoo! You were taking the wheels, Gay! Im impressed.
    I felt like i was with you again on the Hells Revenge and Escalator!

    1. I'm so glad you got to do Hells Revenge MonaLiza. Next time, we will pick out another fun trail...there are so many!

  5. Looks like fun trips in a very pretty area - some of those trails I wouldn't be on though.

    1. October has been awesome so far. It's amazing what these jeeps can do!

  6. Top of the World was by far the most difficult trail we've done in the side by side--I even got out and walked once! Fins and Things was on our list for last fall but it started raining so we ended up heading home to Montana--next time. We looked at the bathtub but as you know, some trails are made for jeeps and some for ATVs.

    1. Good choice to bypass the hot tub. We saw an ATV upside down in it the other day. We won't do it in our jeep either! Hope we are here next time you visit Moab!

  7. Look at you drivin'! You're going to need your own Jeep some day...! ;-)

  8. Lots of years driving Jeeps and buggies all over the desert, but haven't been on a "trail" like these!! Great photos of exciting times. Love those skies!!!

    1. The skies have been so clear and blue this month with all those beautiful clouds! Goes right along with the crisp air! Head on to Moab and we will do some trails Jodee. You would love it!

  9. I use to have an old 74 Jeep CJ5 and thought I had been tippy until I saw these pics