Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Fun...Part 2

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
October 2016

Another very popular trail in Moab is Poison Spider.  As the story goes,  back in the 1870s a young girl named Mary was bitten by a poison spider and died on Poison Spider Mesa.  Anyway, large awkward ledges with tippy spots give this highly traveled 10 mile trail a difficult rating.  I like it because the of the varied terrain...a mesa with gorgeous scenery,  scary fun obstacles like The Wedgy, and amazing slick rock fins.  

The weather was perfect as we snaked our way along the trail with Dave and Lynn.

Aren't these machines just amazing? Check out the flex on Rokell as Dave climbs The Wedgy.

Another day, Dee joined us for a short version of Poison Spider.  

It was late in the day and as we were heading out and we enjoyed beautiful reflections on the Colorado River.

Another day, Joe and I joined Red Rock 4 Wheelers (the other local club) on Strike Ravine. 

Traversing through the ravine was quite colorful...
Strike Ravine is on the south side of town in a rugged area of craggy canyons and old mines. It's full of steep boulder fields and narrow shelf ledges. 

 No season is complete without a quick jaunt through Long Canyon.  Over the past few years, Long Canyon has washed out and isn't quite as easy as it was when we first drove it 4+ years ago.  But it is still a beauty ! 

We joined Dave and drove it from top to bottom enjoying every second as we squeezed through Pucker Pass...

...and hugged Giant Fallen Rock.

The Tan Clan girls say "Hello!"
Dover and Sally
I thought I would get caught up, but nope !  We have done a couple more trails including one we have never done before so look for part 3 soon. 

Until next time, take care and let the good times roll !


  1. Fun, fun, fun!! We loved hiking Poison Spider and following a group driving it. It was great fun watching them get through all the obstacles (it was much easier on foot). How was the top part of Long Canyon? We drove it twice last April, bottom to top, and the top was really bad our second trip. It was only the second time John has had to use low gear. Love seeing Dover and Sally, but what about my buddy, Jack!?

    1. Long Canyon is still washed out Pam ...someone has placed some rocks to help the ledge. You would still need low. It would be much easier from top to bottom. Poison Spider is a beautiful area as you well know. Jack will be next...I'll work on that tomorrow.

  2. Wow! Love that pic of Rokell. More great fun - you'd lose me on the narrow shelf though :-)))) Wonderful reflections on the river. Looking forward to Part 3!

    1. I love watching the wheels flex Jodee and that's a great obstacle to get good pictures.

  3. Such amazing machines that do these wonderful trips and all that rough terrain.

  4. It amazes me how jeeps can "contort" to get through some of those spots. Looks like fun for sure.

  5. The maneuvering that those special Jeeps can do is amazing! I love seeing your beautiful photos of Moab area!

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying the photos Lisa...the plan is to be here till the end of November. There should be lots more!

  6. What can I say? You seem to travel where no others have gone or might not go in the future. You do end up with great photos.