Thursday, December 14, 2017

Happy Puppies and Deer Lake

Live Oak Landing
Freeport, FL
December 11, 2017

The natural beauty here at Live Oak Landing is not the only reason we choose to stay here.  

The doggie park is awesome.  After being cooped up most of last week, the puppies were excited to get out and run. 

 The girls had lots to check out...

and Jack was totally focused on playing ball.

 We were thankful for the sunshine, but temps were cool and the wind had a bite.  So, what to do?  We decided on a short walk to one of the coastal dune lakes.  
 Deer Lake was our destination.  Deer Lake State Park is located along Hwy 30A.  The entire park is approximately 2,000 acres mostly on the north side of 30A. 

On the south side, a
very nice elevated walkway takes you through a wooded area, over sand dunes and down to the Gulf.  

The dune ecosystem all along Hwy 30A is fragile and is protected with signs, fences, ropes, and/or walkways.

When we descended the stairs to the beach, we made a right turn (west) and headed toward the lake.  It was just us and a few plovers !  Looking left...   
 looking right.
The waves were rolling onto the beach one after another...

and the few plovers that were there were very busy.

Deer Lake is one of 15 named coastal dune lakes along a 26 mile stretch of coastline on Highway 30A.  They are said to be as much as 10,000 years old.  The lakes were formed in shallow basins created when winds redistributed sand and created depressions to collect fresh water.  The average depth of these lakes is about 5 feet.  The mostly fresh water is within a few feet of the the Gulf's salt water. After a heavy rain, the fresh water pours into the Gulf...called an "outfall"...and the salt water can flow back into the lake creating a brackish ecosystem.  Coastal Dune Lakes are a very rare natural phenomena that only occur in a handful of locations around the globe, including New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar.

Leaves, pine needles, and other organic matter fall into the lake.  Over time, the matter breaks down giving the water it's tea color...called tannic water. 
 Until next time, 



  1. Glad that you are enjoying your time there and the pups as well. Hope it arms up for you. Love the coastal lakes in that area.

  2. Happy pups!

    That sugar white sand is stunning, so unlike the beige sand here in the west. I love how empty the beaches are!

    1. We have always thought the Gulf was beautiful Lisa! And we are loving how empty it is!

  3. The beach and lake and dunes are so pretty! But you had me at "puppies"!!!!

  4. I keep thinking that is snow in the photos. I forget how white the sand is in that part of Florida. The sand here in CA is very dark beige and not real pretty. Such a lovely area.

    Jack is so darn cute with his sweater:) Good to see he still carries his ball. Nice to see Sally really running along. Fun times for all. Beautiful close up of Dover:)

    1. Thank you Pam! I will be sure to tell the puppies all your nice comments. The Gulf is gorgeous, but I do enjoy the beaches in So Cal too! There are NO doggie beaches here!

  5. Looks like you're in a beautiful place. I love the doggie pictures.