Saturday, December 9, 2017

Snowy Plovers

Live Oak Landing
Freeport, FL
December 4, 2017

Joe and I have stayed at Live Oak Landing several times, the last time was in 2013.  LOL is a RVC Outdoor Destination property just like Medina Highpoint Resort.  The property was purchased in 1991 when it was McDaniels Fish Camp.  

When we got here last Sunday, it was a sunny, beautiful day.  I had a nice walk around the park just as the sun was going behind the trees. Stately live oaks which are hundreds of years old stand tall throughout the park and all along the creek bank.

One of our new neighbors !

The live oaks are covered in Resurrection Fern and Spanish Moss. 
 It's a quiet campground that sits along Black Creek.  Black Creek is part of the Chatawhatchee River system and feeds into the bay.

The weather forecast wasn't too pretty for the rest of the week.  It looked like Monday would be the only day nice enough to go to the beach with heavy overcast skies and warm temps.

There is no place quite like Florida's Emerald Coast Beaches!
A zoom of the picture above...thats me with camera in hand !
No crowds this day and not many birds either...insert a crying emoji here !



And my favorite, Snowy Plovers...
These funny little birds always put a smile on my face !

True to the forecast, it began to rain on Tuesday and by Wednesday, it was cold (mid 40s), windy and rainy.  It stayed that way until Friday night.  

So, until next time, 



  1. Glad you got at least one day at the beach before the weather changed. This area is truly the most beautiful white beach and emerald water. Love that photo of you, such a happy place and beautiful smile:)

    1. Aw....thank you Pam. This week looks a lot more promising!

  2. I hope that long stretch of rain is not an omen for the rest of the winter in FL! Looks like some good beach walking, I'm sure you'll find some places with tons of birds. The plovers are cute! I love how they seem to run in synchronization!

    1. The rest of our stay looks decent Lisa. Dune Lakes are at the top of the list for hikes...soon!

  3. I have such a hard time posting comments on your site. I just don't know why. On your late post, I tried to comment without any luck.
    Hope this one goes through. Beautiful photos Gay, looks like such a lovely area. Enjoy your time there! Sheila

    1. Yikes! I am so sorry! Not sure what the issue is Sheila...

  4. Love the smile on the little squirrel!! Definitely looks like a piece of heaven, even under cloudy skies.

    1. That was one of those lucky photos Jodee! We do love Florida’s gulf coast and since we are headed to Georgia we had to visit! We used to spend many vacations in this area when we were still working.

  5. Looks like a great place and we're headed that way next week with stops in East point and Navarre

  6. Love the time we get to spend on the beach. Wish there were more days on them. Enjoy!