Monday, March 12, 2018

Friends and Tucson

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
February 12-March12, 2018

Tucson is a yearly stop for us...usually sometime in February.  We are always busy with appointments which include doctors for us and a list of things for Belle (our bus).  
The pool area at Lazydays
This year was no exception.  We arrived on Feb. 12 and on the 13th, it all started with the dreaded dermatologist visit.  We both had spots frozen and a couple of biopsies taken.  So happy to report this is the first year that Joe did not need any MOHs surgery.  Also, very excited and thankful to say Joe is cancer free...starting his fourth year.  

Seeing friends here is the best part of coming to Tucson !  Carol and Ronnie, and of course Cooper, were here for a couple of days when we pulled in.  We were invited to their home for dinner.  What a nice treat for us after a long and tedious 4 day trip from the Texas Gulf coast.  Right down the street from us were Sue, Dave and Lewis,  two rows over were Pam and John and MonaLiza and Steve were around the corner.  Sue and Dave had all of us over for a fun get together...awesome folks these people are and so much fun to hang out with.  MonaLiza and Steve left and in rolled Jodee, Bill and Tessa.  Jodee made yummy tacos and we enjoyed a chilly evening at their home...thanks for the blanket Jodee !  Jodee and Bill left after a couple of nights.  

The day before the Banks and the Wrights left, we had a get together here.

I even made a lemon chess pie with lemons from the tree in "our yard".  It was messy, but tasty !
L to R: John, Pam, Sue, Dave and Joe

Steve and Joe

MonaLiza and Steve returned to Lazydays so we had one last visit with them.  Joe, with Steve's help, grilled veggies and steak for fajitas.  Joe and I were disappointed in the fajita steak we bought at Dickman's . MonaLiza brought over a tray of delicious mango, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries...the best part of dinner !

In between doctor visits, and fun get togethers, Belle had some much needed work done.  First on the agenda was a new windshield.  Andy Rothman with Superglass was great to work with.  
Andy(on the far right) and his crew...
He handled all the insurance stuff, returned to fix a leak after a heavy nights rain and then returned to make sure we were good to go after we had Belle washed.  The best part about the replacement is it is done on sight ! 

We also met Kenneth and Rachel the owners of Cameron's Reliable Maintenance and Mobile Service.  They make a very good team...reliable, honest, great quality and hard workers. 

We are very pleased with our new slide toppers and look forward to having a few more things done next year when we return.    

Every year Jason does a fantastic job washing and waxing Belle.  This year I forgot to get a picture.  Thanks again Jason ! 

We did enjoyed a few quiet, lazy days...
 ...and when Jack is no where to be found, I know just where to look.  Sometimes he is completely hidden behind the pillow !

There are a few places we enjoy shopping here with REI being at the top of the list.  Definitely our go to place when we need outdoor shoes.  

A couple of years ago we discovered Tucson Premium Outlet Mall.  

A clean, comfortable and eye pleasing  place to go if we need other stuff.  And a big has never been crowded when we have been there.

I mentioned Dickman's Meat and Deli.  
Another dear friend who we met the very first time we visited Tucson is Randy.  Randy is usually in Tucson this time of year as he has a son, daughter, and several grandchildren who live here.  Well, Randy suggested we might want to try Dickman's.  Joe and I were disappointed in the fajita meat we bought which is the end pieces of their patented Ugly Steak.  We won't buy that anymore.  Several days after dinner with the Lowes, Joe grilled the Ugly Steaks we had also bought.  Yummy...tender like in cut with a fork tender and very tasty.  
So returned to buy more steaks and black angus ground beef for the freezer.  All their beef comes from Iowa.  Dickman's is a family run business that has served the Tucson area for more than 30 years.  According to the family, Ugly Steak is trademarked and a well kept secret.  On Mondays the deli serves Ugly Steak sandwiches...might just have to try one next year !  FYI, some two-dozen types of brats are created in house and draw a crowd also.  

That wraps up our month in Tucson.  Tomorrow we head north and arrive in Moab on Wednesday.  We are so excited to be healthy and heading north.  
Wile E has had lots of attention thanks to Jeff, owner of Dirt Squirrel Motors and our neighbor and good friend in Moab. Stay tuned !

Until next time...enjoy your day and



  1. Great news about Joe. Lots of good times along with a lot of accomplishments. Enjoy Moab.

    1. We feel very blessed. Thanks Jim and Sandie!

  2. Always feels good to get caught up on projects and get in some socializing with a great group of folks. Good news on the medical front and now you can get to Moab and tackle those trails.

    1. Friends that we get to see here sure make Tucson a lot more bearable Ingrid. Always a huge weight off our shoulders to get a good report from the oncologist.

  3. It was so nice to be able to spend some time you, Joe, and the Tan Clan. Such cute photos of Dover and Jack. Glad Sally made a little appearance at the end:) See you in Moab!! Safe travels!

    1. That’s funny! I didn’t even realize the only picture of Sally was with her head in her bowl! I must do better! See you soon! Safe travels to you......

  4. It's always nice to get good results from the doctors. Looks like a great wrap-up for both of you.

  5. Hey, the fajita steak was good! Tucson is the hub of friendships and we are glad to have met you and Joe. Great news all around and now time for more adventures. See you in Moab!

  6. Always wonderful to get good health news and repairs behind us - glad Tucson was a successful stop on all counts! It was great to see you both again, even for a short visit. Still can't believe it was so cold that afternoon :-( Love the shadow play at the mall - one could play a mean game of hopscotch :-))) Can't wait to see red rock pics from Moab.