Saturday, August 11, 2018

Lots To Do Around Sunny Sequim

Elwha Dam RV Campground
July 2018
Port Angeles, WA

Nestled in the Olympic rain shadow is the small port town of Sequim (skwim).  The Olympic Mts. act as a wall that protects the valley from large amounts of rain and snow.   Thus, Sequim only gets about 18 inches of rain per year.  Because of the sunny weather, the valley has a long history of inhabitants dating back 14,000 years ago.  European settlers arrived in the valley around the 1850s.  It's interesting to note that the land not along the Dungeness River was arid prairie land.  Irrigation canals first brought water to the prairie in the 1890s and farmlands have flourished since then. Sequim was incorporated in 1913.  Today, Washington Street runs through the heart of downtown Sequim  

Like other small towns attracting tourists, antique, book, clothing, and lavender gift shops line the street.

Outside of town, there is lots to explore.  The climate is ideal for growing lavender...and Sequim boasts lots of family-owned farms that invite visitors to come experience the beauty and fragrance of this "amazingly versatile herb".  Washington Lavender Farm was our choice.  Colorful poppies and lavender line the long driveway when you enter the farm.

George Washington B&B is a replica of Mt. Vernon in honor of our first president.  

It sits on a high bluff along the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. 


Washington Lavender Farm is different from other farms in the area.  Over 5000 lavender plants have been planted to landscape the grounds rather than being in a single field. 

P.S.  I did try the lavender ice cream...insert yuckky face here...tasted like perfume.

Our next visit was to the Railroad Bridge Park. 

The park is part of the Olympic Discovery you can walk as many or as few miles as you want.  

The Milwaukee Road operated the rail line from 1915 to 1980 transporting passengers and timber from Port Townsend to Port Angeles.  

The line ran "by tide table rather than time table".  In 1992, volunteers replaced planking on the bridge making it accessible for walkers and bicyclists.  

The Washington State Audubon Society purchased the property and created the Dungeness River Center and Railroad Bridge park.  

The Dungeness River Center is all about the birds that visit/live in the area.  Very informative and interesting.

Marinas have always been a favorite stop for me.  

I read that John Wayne had visited the area frequently in his yatcht, the Wild Goose.  His family donated land in recognition of his vision for a marina in Sequim Bay.  We had planned on having lunch at the Dockside Grill there, but it was closed  (every Monday and Tuesday). 

Heading home we stopped at the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge.  This fertile habitat became a refuge, preserve and breeding ground for birds in 1915.  

We were greeted at the visitor kiosk by a volunteer who gave us a map and information about the refuge.

Its a short walk through a forest of evergreens, oaks and ferns to get to the lookout for the spit.

The Dungeness spit is one of the world's largest sand spits and a must see.  It's picture postcard perfect and definitely a "WOW" moment.

And another slightly steeper walk to the shore.  We spent a couple of hours strolling the beach admiring the rocks,  the endless views, the driftwood and a few birds.   

We enjoyed our day in Sunny Sequim.  What's not to like? 

Until next time,
Downtown Sequim

Washington Lavender Farm

Railroad Bridge Trail

John Wayne Marina

Sequim Visitor Center

Trail at Dungeness Wildlife Refuge
The Spit...the Strait of Juan de Fuca on the left and the Dungeness Bay on the right. 



  1. Your photos are stunning, and make me miss this beautiful little town we could call home. Love those wildflowers along the farm driveway! I didn't try the ice cream but fell in love with the lavender lemonade.

    1. Thanks Jodee! Dang it...I always make the wrong choice, but ice cream is one of my weaknesses! 🤣😂

  2. Sequim is a neat little place. We especially loved it since it had a Starbucks:) I think this is the only Costco we've been to and were able to park right by the door and no line for check out. We were able to ride our bikes from the KOA to Railroad Bridge park which was great exercise. Glad to see there were lots of flowers for your visit. Lavender ice cream doesn't sound great. Thanks for try it for us:)

  3. Love your pictures of the area just so many wonderful places to explore.

  4. Great shots of such a pretty area. Wish we had made it out there.

  5. I find the heavy perfume of lavender in general not to my liking, i'd certainly not try to digest it. Hope you can stay out of the smoke on your travels in the PNW.

  6. Wow, wow, wow.... SO pretty! And while I might generally avoid perfume flavored ice cream, the views at that places are just lovely... And really, who's gonna say no to trying ice cream? Certainly not me.... Thanks for the tour!

  7. Sequim is still on our places to visit. Thanks for your great photos Gay, now I really have to make it happen!