Saturday, July 17, 2021

Monsoons !

Corona de Tucson

July 17, 2021

Monsoon season in Tucson is from June 15 to September 30.  The word monsoon originates from the Arabic word "mausim".  It means season.  Most of the year, winds in this area blow from the land towards the gulf.  But during monsoon, the winds shift and blow from the gulf towards land.  Somedays, during the monsoon "cloud bursts" will occur bringing with them torrential rains, strong winds, and lightening.  We experienced one of those storms last week.  It was amazing, exciting, scary, and beautiful all at the same time.

This photo was taken around 6:45 pm.  The heavy rain and 40+ mph winds lasted about an hour. The tree in the neighbor's yard across the street split and broke almost in half during the second storm we had a few days later.

Once the storm passed on, we had the most gorgeous sky.

The video I shot was too long to post.  The dark clouds in this photo produced some beautiful light...not in streaks like the next photo, but the kind of light that lights up the whole sky.  I just noticed the wind blew the top up on the feeder.


It was hard to make myself come inside.  The streaks of lightening were much so it's easy to forget how dangerous they are even when they are miles away.  

We had one other "cloud burst" monsoon storm a few days later and two days ago it rained for several hours mid-day.  It was one of those nice steady rain showers with no winds.  We do check the hourly weather these days and try not to venture out unless there are appointments to keep when the chances are high for rain. 

Flash flooding is a serious issue here and we don't take it lightly. 

So besides the weather, life has been pretty routine for us.  We are still waiting for biopsy reports.  Did I mention I don't like waiting ?  

Keith, our friend who just happens to be an electrician by trade, came over and installed a fan on the patio.  

We usually have a nice breeze in the backyard and the fan just makes it that much sweeter to sit on the patio.  

Dover sure enjoys her time on the patio !

We have had a couple of visitors this week...

A Gopher snake...looks a lot like a rattler and could just have easily been a rattler !

Joe and I didn't make a positive ID on this hawk.  Do you think it is a Sharp-shinned hawk?

...both were beautiful reminders not to let the pups out without checking the yard first.   We do live in the desert !

Morning walks continue to be part of our routine.  We look forward to them every morning.  Of course, the best part of walking is getting home and having coffee on the patio.  Can't think of a better way to start the day.

So I mentioned Keith.  One of the redos in our home (last March) was to change and move a ceiling fan and add (there wasn't any light for a dining area) a dining room light in the living space.  This is when we first met Keith. He does outstanding work, is dependable, and since that time has become a friend.   

The "path" from the patio door to the kitchen

The original fan was in the center of the room...right in the "path" to the patio door.  We wanted the fan over our sitting area.

Now the new fan is where we can feel it when we watch a movie, visit, search the web, or just relax with the pups.  We all enjoy the breeze !

And if we ever have company, we can actually see what we're eating !

To continue with the westerny style, Joe replaced the other ceiling lights and ceiling fans to match the aged bronze on the doors.  

We chose brushed nickel for the bathrooms.  


That about wraps up our week and another redo project. We did eat Mexican at Manuels in Green Valley.  They have fried catfish tacos.  I'm a southern girl and I do love some fried catfish every once in awhile !   

So until next time, a blast from the past...

West Maroon/Hasley Pass Hike in Crested Butte in July 2016



  1. Keith is sure a handy friend to have! The house is coming together and becoming your home nicely. You've done a lot in a sort time.
    You can send the Monsoons west any time. We've had to change some plans due to fires already, and less than a week on the road!

    1. We read daily about the’s always sad! Changing plans, especially at the last minute, is never fun. Hoping you are good to go and have safe travels. Looking forward to your adventures!

  2. I am so happy to see rain, even with the brutal winds, in our desert at last!! Hope the monsoon season continues to drop more for the next couple months. Stunning pics, I feel like I was there :-) We too found a handy guy and his crew who have made our little home even better.

    1. It’s raining as I write this Jodee…👏! We love projects…they keep us happy and busy. But Joe doesn’t want to do electrical work (as in adding outlets and running wires through the attic, etc.) anymore so it’s nice to have Keith help with those. I pinch myself every morning just to make sure all this is real…I did that when we were full timing too.

  3. Love your monsoon reports!! And we too are still waiting for biopsy results--ugh! I knew there was a reason I like you Gay--I too am a southern girl and I like catfish!

    1. You have gotten more rain that us in Sierra Vista Janna…👍! I’m sure you know how excited I was to find out about the catfish tacos! I would rather have hush puppies and slaw, but sometimes a girl just can’t be picky!

  4. Glad you are getting the finishing touches finished on your home and getting some desperately needed Rain from the Monsoons.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the season.

    It's about time.

    1. The rain has been wonderful Rick and Kathy! One of the nice things about owning a sticks and stucco is that there is always something to do to stay busy and active.

  5. Living my life in the east, I never thought I'd be excited to see rain, but I'm happy to see Arizona getting a good soaking!

    You're making your house a real home for yourselves, sweet!

    1. Totally agree Sue…rain yes, hot and humid NO!
      Not sure what the future will be, but Joe and I both figure this is the last home we will own…🤞👍.

  6. We finally ,after three years here in BC, experienced our first true monsoon rain. It was quite exciting but not near enough. We'll take what ever we can get and smile as the drops fall. Looks like you've had several good rains down your way. Always good to have that trusted handy man friend. Ceiling fans are must here.