Tuesday, September 21, 2021

We Have Legs!

Corona de Tucson

September 21, 2021

Our good friend Randy gifted us with a piece of mesquite wood. Randy bought a home in Green Valley a few weeks after we bought our home.  This gorgeous piece of wood was used as a shelf in Randy's new home.  He had other plans for that space.

When he brought it over for us to see, Joe and I immediately said at the same time, "a bench" as it was the perfect length for the wall in the foyer.  After some google time, Joe found legs...black, metal legs that satisfied my requirements and sturdy legs that met his requirements .   

Not only is this piece of nature's art a special gift from Randy it is also a gift from the desert as Mesquite Trees are native to the area.  

Mesquite Trees have been around since the Ice Age when they provided a necessary food for ground sloths.  Since that time, they have adapted to the arid desert environment.  For instance their leaves are small and wax coated to minimize evaporation of the plant's water and their seeds have a protective coating and can last for decades.  I find it fascinating that the "wide-spreading and deep-reaching"  root system is host to colonies of bacteria that can replace nitrogen in the soil...one of the minerals most important to plant germination and growth. 

Mesquite Trees have long been a source of food for both people and animals, a source of many medical remedies, and filled the need for wood used in building missions, ranches, and fences.  

Although often crooked in shape, the branches have served artisans in the crafting of furniture, flooring and sculptures. 

Thank you Randy !  We love our new bench...its perfect for the foyer !  

We have enjoyed several sunrises since I wrote last.  Except for Sunday when it was hazy, the skies have been clear and blue.  Morning walks are much more pleasurable as the air feels cools...I like to say crisp...and fresh.  Sure adds an extra little bounce in my step !  And the skies are so blue !


Somewhere along the trail we walk.

The afternoons haven't been too shabby either.  We delighted in a double rainbow one day and pink clouds another.

The visitors still entertain during coffee time.


Life is good, make that great, at the little oasis we call home.  

Until next time, enjoy the day and...

The butterfly invasion has been replaced with a Sonoran Beetle invasion.  These funny little black creatures are everywhere outside.  

Shine on, shine on Harvest Moon up in the sky...for me and my guy !



  1. Your fledgling quail have become beautiful teens! Such fun to watch them grow.
    Randy's wood and Joe's talents have created a perfect bench! a great place to lace up your boots.

    1. We think so to Jeff. Thank you ! It won’t be long now and we will be shaking the dust off the hiking boots and enjoying some trails.

  2. Beautiful bench and the perfect location. You've had some great skies.

  3. I love the bench, the wood is gorgeous!

  4. Certainly that piece of wood was meant to be a bench in that exact space - it's perfect!! Lovely to have a piece with relevance to your area as well. Love all your feathered friends. Once we have a front door, and no more construction noise, I'm looking forward to enjoying ours again!

    1. Thank you Jodee! I sure hope things are fixed & quiet around your home soon!

  5. Gay, Dave wonders if the golf course was abandoned before the housing development was started or were the houses on a golf course which then was abandoned. No reason to ask, just nosy! It's such a lovely wild feature to look out on!

    1. Our research tells us that the golf course opened in 1958. Im am not sure when the housing development began, but know that our home was built in 2004. Our home was on a fairway and there was damage to the roof and the AC compressor from golf balls. The neighbor across the street says he could hear the golf balls coming and knew to duck. Several homes still have the very tall wire screens for protection. We have been told that the golf course (along with several others) closed for business about 7 years ago making our home on an active fairway for about 11 years.