Friday, September 24, 2021

Madera Canyon

Corona de Tucson

September 24, 2021

When we spent winters in Tucson, we always made it a point to go to Madera Canyon.  Now that it is practically in our back yard, we can enjoy different seasons there.  So with cool temps, clear skies and nothing on the agenda for the day,  we decided that's where we would do our morning walk.   

Today, we parked at the Proctor Parking lot and started our walk at the paved nature trail.  We connected to the Madera Creek Trail (which is part tarmac and part dirt) and turned around at Madera Picnic Area.  

Water :

One thing we always enjoy on hikes is running water.  Madera Creek is a beautiful creek with boulders, grasses and trees.  


Wildlife :

We heard and saw lots of birds, but I was only able to get pictures of two.  Mexican Jays were busy and hungry.

A yummy caterpillar for breakfast.

And a single Acorn Woodpecker was making his way up the utility pole.

I think he has been there many times !

The birds weren't the only hungry critters.  The White Tail Deer were foraging for breakfast...

 well as the butterflies.

Forest :

Many trees make up the Coronado National Forest.  My favorites today were the Alligator Spruce,

Arizona Sycamores,


and Cottonwoods.

Flora : 

At this elevation, Madera Canyon is a nice blend of desert and forest with a variety of flowers from both.  

Water, trees, birds and animals, flowers, gorgeous weather, blue skies and time with Joe...whats not to love?  I really had a great time this morning with camera in hand enjoying this beautiful area and I see many more visits in our future.  My bucket list includes a picture of the Elegant Trogon.  I have never seen one and I am hopeful that 2022 might just be my year !  

That about wraps up the week here although we did get flu shots, Joe went to the eye doctor, we ran errands, and stopped at Quality Pottery just to look around.  Way to many beautiful choices !  

Until next time...



  1. Hikes along water are the best! This late in the season there seems to be a lot of water, your monsoons must have been good to you. The berries look to be the right size for huckleberry, do you know what they are?
    Awesome shadow selfie!

    1. Totally agree…water and hikes are so awesome! The last I read Jeff, we had 12.5 inches of rain during the monsoon and i rejoiced with every inch! The berries are Elder Berry. 👍

  2. A beautiful morning hike. We always enjoyed Madera Canyon. How neat to find a late cactus bloom. Water on any hike is wonderful. Fingers crossed you find that Elegant Trogan.

    1. We agree that Madera Canyon never disappoints! Thanks for the 🤞!

  3. We, too, love Madera Canyon and make it a point to go there whenever we're in the area. You're right, water, birds, mountains, flowers and plants, and your best friend. What more does one need?

    1. Now that we live in the area, hope that the next time you are in the area, we can visit! 👍

    2. we'll definitely call. We have some tentative plans to be at Catalina end of Jan./beginning of Feb. so we'll stay in touch!

  4. What a lovely pictorial!! Great captures of the jay and deer eating their breakfast. I definitely need to get up to the canyon!

    1. Thank you Jodee! Let us know if you head this way!