Monday, October 18, 2021

Cactus Forest

Corona de Tucson

October 18, 2021

It was a fun week.  I always enjoy playing in the dirt.  We haven't begun to tackle the yard here...maybe this upcoming spring...but I wanted to add some color on the patio.  

Violas have been a "fall thing" for many years.   Even the years we were rolling in Belle, I always managed to have a pot or two on the picnic table.   These sweet little blossoms have a way of spreading "happy".  

I also decided to plant some succulents.  Remember the pumpkin I was going to buy at the market?  Well, I figured I could just plant one so I gave it a try.   There wasn't a lot of selection left on pumpkins and I'm afraid this pumpkin will not last a few months as it has signs of know, those ugly little dark spots.  The succulents need light so having it on the big table won't work.  

I have never paid much attention to succulents until now.  I am really liking them!  The one pot I have on the patio has grown so much and when the leaves fall off, they root and make new plants.  

I also found this cute little saguaro planter online and Joe helped me pick out a succulent for it.   

I have been placing loose leaves from my other succulent plant in it and one already has new growth.  Did you know succulent is a Latin word meaning "juice" or "sap" ?  

Joe and I have spent a few hours this week on photos.  The space over the mesquite bench in the foyer looked kinda naked.  Joe has long been asking to hang some of my photography.  I dreaded going thru pictures even though I do have a few favorites.  I knew it would be time consuming and I have only completed the more recent years.  But we did pick out a few and bought frames at Hobby Lobby.  It was not a hard project, but my brain got tired.  I don't do so well with eights and sixteenths on the yard stick.  Joe does, thank goodness!  

This was a first for us as we have never hung a collage of photos before.  It took all morning.

This is a start as there are lots and lots more pictures.  I think we will have some to rotate in and out so we don't get tired of looking at the same photos.  

Another biggie this week was a new motor for Belle's awning.  It has been two years since the old one died.  Supply and demand for new RVs has made finding a new motor difficult.  

It is a good thing we have Kenneth and Rachel (Cameron's Reliable Mobile Repair) on our team.  Thank you very much for finding the motor and installing it !

One thing I look forward to is walks/hikes in the desert.  To say I love being outside with camera in hand would be an understatement.  This week found us back at Saguaro NP East...

...on the Cactus Forest Trail. 

The young...

The old...

The distinguished...

Cactus Forest Trail is an easy hike that you can make as long or as short as you want.  There are side trails along the way.  One of them goes to Lime Falls, but we knew it would be dry.  

That about wraps up our week.  Our sweet Dover girl has become my shadow these days.  I figure she doesn't hear me in the house so wherever I go, she follows.  She sits patiently, watches and sleeps until it's time to move somewhere else.  We sure do love her !

And Sally had a spa day.  I'm not sure about the ears, but she thinks she looks absolutely gorgeous and that is all that matters !  

So until next time,  



  1. I know what you mean about going through all the photos to find favorites for hanging!! But it's such a fun way to decorate and to remember those wonderful places. Your collage looks wonderful!! is really fun too. More wonderful pics, I especially like seeing the big Saquaro from below!

    1. I will definitely be checking out the link for the tiles…thank you Jodee! That was one of the prettiest hikes we have done in along time. I enjoyed every second!

  2. You have a wonderful start to the succulent garden. I always enjoy your hikes thru the saguaros, would your 'distinguished' be called a crested?
    Awesome picture wall! Such great memories you have selected and joe has patiently hung perfectly.

    1. Thank you Jeff. I catch myself smiling when I walk by the pictures…they are great memories! I’m surprised at myself that I even like the succulents. They sure are persistent little things. The succulent pot I have lived thru June with triple digit temps and it was not watered one time as we were in Moab.

  3. What a cool idea to hang your photos! I have sent photos to Costco and had them "printed" on metal--turns out really well. Sweet Dover and I love Sally's new "do!"

    1. I’ve never heard of printing photos on metal. I will definitely check that out Janna. Thank you for the idea! I will share your compliment with Sally. She is definitely full of herself the past few days! She’s a funny girl!

  4. Love your succulents and that adorable saguaro pot. Great idea to make a collage of your photos. Any trail in the desert is a good trail. Sweet Dover and adorable Sally with her new do.

    1. Thank you Pam! I’ll be sure to tell Sally you said so...👍