Sunday, October 3, 2021

It's Already October !

Corona de Tucson 

October 2, 2021

I don't know about you, but I can hardly believe it is October.  The older I get, the faster time flies !  I always look forward to fall and this year is no exception.  

We are loving the cooler nights and days.  Last night I woke up with cold toes and had to pull up the quilt.  I say "Bring it on !" as we are looking forward to our first fall in Tucson in our new home.   

Our morning walk last Friday was one of my favorites...Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.  I chose the Sabino Lake Trail and the connected Esperero Trail for a nice loop.  

We have enjoyed this hike several times, but both agree we have never seen the desert so green and full of life.


And just look at all that water pouring over the dam...

...and flowing swiftly in the creek.

There were signs that a few weeks ago, the desert was full of blossoms.  I zoomed in on a few lingering bits of color.   I do have a soft spot for wildflowers ! 

We heard lots of birds and stopped often to look for them.  I saw a beautiful Ladder-backed Woodpecker in a bush, but couldn't get a focus before he flew away.  Also, we spotted several Gila Woodpeckers always pecking on the shady side of the saguaro which doesn't make for good photos, and a Curve-billed Thrasher.  I did capture a Black-throated Sparrow which was a first for me.

Its soft brown back and pale underparts help this sharp looking little bird blend in with its desert home.

What delicate wings on this red dragonfly.  Did you know that in Japan, dragonflies are considered to be sacred and that red dragonflies most often appear at the end of summer with the message that autumn is coming ? 

 There were hints of autumn in the canyon.  Seeded grass lined the trail in places...

...and trees with seed pods.

My favorite part of the hike is a climb that looks down on the creek...

...with never-ending vistas of mountains, saguaros and blue skies.

What a nice morning it was !

We rarely ever go anywhere on the week-ends.  But yesterday, we ventured out to St. Phillips Plaza to check out the market.  

It was the beginning of the "new" season with later hours and much nicer temps.  I read that 102 vendors were sharing their arts, crafts, and culinary delights.  

We did browse some, but I mostly wanted to see this historic Spanish-style courtyard...a Tucson landmark built in 1936.  

Today, the plaza offers boutique shopping, galleries, and restaurants.  

My favorite seller at the market was Alisha.  She is owner of Patagonia Flower Farm.   This time of year her flowers are dried and gorgeous.   

But what I really wanted and will return to purchase in a few weeks is one of these pumpkins she creates with dried flowers and succulents.  The pumpkins last for 2-4 months and the succulents can be repotted.  

That about wraps up our week.  Joe did have six more biopsies done last Tuesday so the cycle begins again !  One on each leg between the knee and ankle, one on the passenger side of his neck and three on the driver side of his we wait for results.  

On one of our morning walks, we finished just in time.

And I caught one of the locals in training for a gymnastics competition.    

Good save !

Happy Sunday everyone...

... and HAPPY TRAILS !


  1. Those agile bird photos were hilarious! Poor Joe!

    1. Aren’t they so funny? They definitely make me smile! I do believe this skin cancer mess will be never ending for Joe…a result of chemo that broke down his immune system. He is a good sport about it all and we sure enjoy the times when the stitches are out before more surgeries begin.

  2. It's easy to see why that is a favorite hike. The saguaros look pretty full as they soak up the rain waters. Your backyard birds are very entertaining!
    Let Joe know we are thinking of him.

    1. Your message was delivered Jeff…thank you!
      The green desert and blue sky sure make for a pretty hike! Although, I always a enjoy a romp thru the desert!

  3. Your desert is so green. The summer monsoon stayed right over your way all summer. We just watched the dark clouds in the distance go by. Love the bird gymnast!! Amazing photos, Gay, of this little birdie. Wishing Joe success with his latest round. The pumpkins are beautiful!!

    1. Thank you Pam. I made sure Alisha ( the creator of those gorgeous pumpkins ) would be returning in the next few weeks. The market is every Sat and Sun. I want one to last thru Thanksgiving for the dining room table…👍

  4. Let Joe know we are thinking of him and hoping for good results. Autumn in the desert is an amazing place especially when we've had rain. Your pictures are beautiful. And I had to laugh at your flexible friend.

    1. Those cactus wrens are my favorite bird these days Sandie. They fuss all the time & are so
      animated. They make me smile! Your message was delivered to Joe & he says “thank you”.

  5. We'll add our sympathys to Joe, It can't be pleasant for him....
    Love those Cactus Wrens, they're a never ending source of entertainment!
    Your "Joe Built" Thanksgiving table will look beautiful with one of those had made pumpkin centerpieces.

    1. Thank you Sue!
      The cactus wrens are so busy all the time…and thank goodness it doesn’t take much to entertain us these days!
      Hope to go back to the market in a few weeks. The market is called Mimosas, Music, and Market. I’ve never had a mimosa…👍!

  6. As green and lush as our desert is, we sure haven't have the wildflowers this year. I too love to find little glimpses of color. Fall is my favorite time of year no matter where we are - love our crisp mornings and soft sunsets here. Your little wren is adorable!

  7. Let's hope for beautiful and abundant wildflowers this spring Jodee. I can never decide...when it is fall, fall is my favorite and when it is spring, spring is my favorite. Definitely love the weather these days !