Monday, December 6, 2021

Creosote Loop, Bluff Trail, and Wrapping Up a Project

Corona de Tucson

December 6, 2021

The other day, Joe and I had morning errands...Home Depot for paint, Bed, Bath and Beyond for a rolling pin, and PetSmart for doggie treats...all on the west side of town.  It's familiar stomping grounds as the shopping is "just down the street" from Tucson/Lazydays KOA.  It was another gorgeous day so we decided to do a short trail first.  

The Robles Pass trails park, located in the southernmost part of the Tucson Mountains, has parking on Irvington Road (as well as Ajo Way). 

And it's only a few miles beyond Home Depot...perfect !  Our choice of trails for a quick desert walk was Creosote Loop. 

One would think this desert experience was miles away from traffic noise and homes, but it is actually 1,000 acres of desert beauty and quiet in suburban Tucson.  Never in my life, until now, did I dream that I could do a desert hike, run errands, and have Sonoran Dogs (yep, BKs is located just off W. Irvington on 12th St) all on the same day and be home before 1:00 pm.  

Joe and I both commented on how many young saguaros we saw along the trail.  Of course young in saguaro life is my the time they are 70 years old, they can reach 6.5 feet tall.  The saguaros in the pic below were not yet 5' tall.  By the time a saguaro cactus is 200 years old it has reached its full height at 45' tall.   

The tallest saguaro in this pic was about 4' tall.  "The children's choir"




Sabino Canyon Recreation Area has long been a favorite hiking place for us.  Another day this week we hiked the Bluff Trail.  There is something relaxing about hiking a familiar trail. We stopped to watch a hawk soaring high above... 

 ...a Black-throated Sparrow waiting patiently for insects... 

 ...and a Greater Roadrunner definitely on a mission.  That's the most birds we have seen on trail in awhile. 

The scenery on Bluff Trail changes with the seasons...

...the trail has it's ups and downs... 

...and the views are spectacular !

"The adult choir"

And did you know that each saguaro arm can  hold up to 40 gallons of water? That is 328 pounds each and why they mostly curve upward. 

And how does this delicate blossom less than an inch long survive?

And how do prickly pear make hanging on for dear life on the side of a cliff wall look so easy?

Our week at home was spent finishing up on a project we started weeks ago.  Between storage and traveling some 1,700 miles across country, some of our art pieces needed help.  

In some frames, these pins that hold the art in place had come out and were between the matte and the glass 

and in some pieces, we just wanted to change the matte all together.  It is not a job to rush and I am very happy it is mostly all done.  We found this small piece at the Cotton Exchange in Wilmington, NC. The artist, Jo Ko, lived at one of our favorite places...the Outer Banks. The picture depicts the bay and dock that was across the street from the RV park where we spent three glorious weeks.  It now has a new matte and a place in our home.  

Belle has two brand new rear jacks...yippee !   

Thank you Kenneth and Rachel !

And I made Rice Krispies Cheese Crisps. My mom always made them this time of year and I do think they are my absolute favorite.  Joe likes them too !  Of course no Christmas cooking happens in this home unless I am singing and swinging to Christmas favorites...mostly traditional songs.  I do love Christmas music ! 


That about wraps up the first week in December at our little oasis.  Our days are merry and bright.

The weather continues to be amazing with slightly above normal temps.  We're not complaining and neither is Jack. 


The skies never disappoint.

 So until next time, 



  1. Ohhhh--please share your recipe for the crisps! I am so glad you guys LOVE your new home and its proximity to Tucson! We pick up old issues of Arizona Highways magazine at our local library bookstore. There was an issue devoted entirely to the saguaro--I learned a lot!

    1. I will email you the recipe Janna. We have lots of family back east who read the blog and that’s why I share the info about the desert. They have never been to this side of our wonderful and beautiful country so sometimes I just feel the need to share. I love the Arizona Highways magazine!

  2. I love the "choir" pictures! I'm sure they were singing Christmas Carols, right? Those crisps sound wonderful....I'd like that recipe too please? It sounds like life is pretty good for you two, such a good thing to be happy with the choices one makes.

    1. I’ll email you the recipe too. The saguaros sure look healthy these days especially the young ones! Life is good Sue!

  3. Crisps to go with the Chex mix? Nice photo of another Saguaro family. We just returned from Baja where we saw a few Cardon Cactus, their bigger brothers.

    1. I will have to look up the Cardon Cactus Jeff…that’s a new one for me. Hope it was a nice visit!

  4. I do know that "children's choir!" I love seeing so many newbies together. A full nursery:) Lovely desert hiking photo. Love seeing cute little Jack. Life is good in all our desert homes:)

    1. Yes it is Pam!
      I thought you might recognize the choir! We love hiking at Robles Pass!

  5. So fun to see glimpses of the pretty desert to our north - I do wish we had Saguaros in Cochise County! Love your choirs :-))) It's been harder to gather the holiday spirit in our still-being-put-together home, but I'm singing along to Christmas music in the Jeep! Happy Holidays from our home to yours.

    1. And Merry Christmas to you, Bill and Tessa!
      Fingers crossed for all to be completed soon…it will be well worth the troubles and waiting!