Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Hard to Believe...

December 29, 2021

Corona de Tucson

It's hard to believe Christmas 2021 has come and gone.    Another year has flown by.  

Christmas Eve morning coffee was spent on the patio as we were serenaded by a pack of coyotes.  The sounds are scary and exciting all at the same time.  We didn't see them, but had the feeling they had eyes on us.  

Dec. 24 at 7:15 am

Christmas Day sunrise was stunning.

Dec. 25 at 7:11 am


Felix, quite the little artist, was all smiles.  

And Edith gives her baby a sweet hug. 

Joe requested quiche for breakfast.  I was glad as it's one of my favorites too.  Back in the days when we were working, I always undecorated the tree on Christmas Day afternoon while everyone else was napping or watching football.  We always had a real tree...two of them and even a couple of years three.  Undecorating isn't especially a fun thing to do so instead of dreading it for days, I just got it done and enjoyed the rest of my time off before going back to school.  This year, we purchased an artificial tree...first time ever in a sticks and bricks.  It was nice decorating it on Thanksgiving which was the earliest we have ever put up a tree.  But the really nice thing is that there was no dried up mess and we didn't have a trip to the landfill.   

When we started full-time RVing years ago, the kiddos sorted through and claimed all the ornaments and decorations.   We acquired a few small things for the MH and this year added some shiny ornaments and lights.  

It was easy to pack things away in the guest room closet. 


We really enjoyed Christmas dinner at Kevin and Stacie's.  Kevin had a fire and Stacie had a beautiful and festive table setting outside.  Lots of yummy casseroles were prepared with ham and turkey.  And there was a whole table of deserts from cookies to cakes.  The best part, though, was all the laughter and conversations with sweet friends.  Shame on me for not getting any pictures !

I think every sunset this week, has been a beautiful display of colors.   

Looking out the kitchen window.

The side yard...

Rain is in the forecast for the next several days with Friday and Saturday having the most chance of downpours.  But this morning, it is still off and on sunny.  

We have also made a trip to the MH.  We pull out Friday morning for a vaca with friends.  I can hardly wait !  

So until next time, 



  1. Awesome sunrise photos! Envious of your upcoming road trip, maybe we'll be able to get out next month. Till then I'll follow your outing :)

    1. Thank you Jeff. I hope your trip pans out. I know I sure need some beach time and seafood! 👍

  2. Enjoy your little vacation! Our sunrises and sunsets have also been beautiful!

  3. I just finished undecorating. It was sad to take down all our lights. I had them in our two artificial trees, around my picture table, and across the fireplace. The lights are my favorite part. It's interesting how beautiful AZ sunrises and sunsets are and yet we aren't that far but have very few nice ones. Glad you had a nice a Christmas dinner with friends. Enjoy your vacation!! We will be arriving in Tucson the last week of Jan and staying til Feb 5.

    1. Thanks Pam! Lights are my favorite too with things that are shiny a close second. We go thru spells where there isn’t much color on either end of the day. I should research why sometimes the color is so dramatic.