Monday, November 21, 2022

Sabino Canyon and Historic Presidio Neighborhood

Corona de Tucson

November 21, 2022 

Hiking in Sabino Canyon Recreation Area has long been a favorite for Joe and me.  Wednesday morning, we combined Sabino Lake, Creek Trail, Bluff Trail and Esperero Trail for a decent hike and some beautiful vistas at just under 4 miles.  

Sabino Canyon is located in the Catalina Mountains and the Coronado National Forest on the north side of Tucson. There is always a view of the mountains!


These combined trails provide a small sampling of everything Sabino Canyon has to offer.  Desert vegetation, 

steep rock cliffs, 

This is my favorite part of the trail.  The prickly pear cactus has been growing there for as long as we have been hiking at Sabino (2014).

and a riparian corridor. 

Sabino Creek flows almost year round.

We were happy to see a little water at Sabino Lake.  The "lake" is really just a flat section of Sabino Creek backed up behind a small dam which was built in the 1930s to "make" a lake for the locals to swim in. 

We passed a few birds along the way...




a crested saguaro I must check on...

a few Saguaro blooms...

a small hedgehog cactus with red fruit...

and golden grasses.  It was a perfect morning !

Saturday morning we were off to Tucson for the Tucson Museum of Art (TMA) Fall Artisan Market.  There are more than 100 unique and local artists and artisans with crafts, original artwork, pottery, glass, textiles, and jewelry.  The market is located in the historic Presidio neighborhood in an outside area behind the museum.  

Also behind and in the same block as TMA is Old Town Artisans.  These colorful adobe buildings were built in the 1850s in the block that was once the stables area for the Presidio.      

Today, these buildings are used as galleries for local artists and shops with unique gifts.   

On the other side of the window in the above photo is a lively courtyard tucked inside the walls of Old Town Artisans.

It is better known as La Cocina Restaurant and Cantina featuring Arizona craft beers and an outdoor stage.  We enjoyed the guitarist as well as a yummy lunch...a smothered burrito with fresh roasted veggies and street tacos with slaw. Another perfect morning !

Back at the oasis,  I have new glasses on the way (YIPPEE!) and had my teeth cleaned.  Jack and Dover went to the vets.  

Jack sat with Dover in the backseat...but really watched to make sure we were headed in the right direction.  He needed his Bordetella Vaccine.

Dover had all her stitches taken out.

I discovered battery powered I want them everywhere !  

The White-crowned sparrow is my only bird photo from the yard this week.  

The nights have been chilly and the past two days have been windy at our house.  Not complaining...just saying !   

And that's a wrap for the week.  Happy Thanksgiving to all...we sure have lots to be thankful for.  

Until next time,



  1. Another wonderful morning in Sabino Canyon with lots of blooms along the creek. You certainly have some talented artisans in the Old Town of Tucson.
    Brave Dover getting those stitches out!

    1. Good morning Jeff! We always enjoy our hikes at Sabino…it never disappoints. It’s a ways from our house, but so worth the time and effort to make the trip and now that we are hiking mid-morning instead of sunrise, it’s perfect. Tucson is packed with talented folks although, some of the 100 vendors with outside booths were not locals. There was lots more variety this year. Dover has mellowed in her mature years…didn’t even flinch when the stitches were removed from her upper lip. We sure do love our little girl!

  2. How do you find dates and times for all these great events and venues you guys attend?? Love your fall decor and I'm really getting into having little lights in different places--"they" say it helps with the winter blues.

    1. Good morning Janna. I learned about the TMA Fall ( and spring ) Artisan Market last year when visiting the museum. The courtyard & restaurant were a very nice surprise we discovered this year while meandering the outdoor booths. Those little lights sure put a smile on my face!

  3. What a cool trail. As you said, it has a lot of different scenery and terrain.

    1. Good morning…yep, one of our favorites!