Monday, November 14, 2022

This and That

Corona de Tuccon

November 14, 2022 

Late afternoon glow...November 9,  5:50 pm 

It's been one of those "this and that" kind of weeks.  We had an unexpected visitor Wednesday night.   I don't know who startled who the most.  It was unexpected because this time of year when the nights get colder, I don't even think much about the rattlers.  I'm sure he was looking for a warm spot to spend the night all curled up in the corner beside the patio door.  He was quite noisy, but Dover doesn't hear well and had her nose pretty close to him before I could grab her up and get us inside.     

He was real clear with his message that he didn't want to be bothered, but obviously didn't see Dover as a threat.   He could have easily struck her and didn't.  A good reminder for us to look first before stepping out the door to the patio. 

Thursday, we had two Bottlebrush trees delivered, planted and staked in the front yard.  I am so's the first thing we have actually bought and planted in our yard.  

It's not easy to decide what to plant in the yard.  Civano Nursery is awesome.  They advised us and offered several possibilities before we made our choice.  We didn't want anything to block the sky view or anything very dense that we couldn't see thru.    

The window on the left is our kitchen.  Our breakfast table is in front of the window and we enjoy the view.  Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to Bottlebrush trees which bloom spring thru fall.  I have already watched a hummingbird dashing in and out of one of the trees and was surprised to look out the window this morning and see a Gila Woodpecker perched there.  Fingers crossed we made a good choice.  

 And we are hoping next spring there will be lots of blooms.

Friday was a fun day.  We had plans with Randy to go to Gather (the vintage market in Tucson) and afterwards go to BKs for Sonoran dogs.

I love the new location for the market on S. Park Ave.  It's an old part of Tucson with lots of other stores housed in warehouses to meander thru as well.

This month, Gather is beautifully adorned with themed trees, wreaths and swags, vintage decorations, silver and gold glittery trimmings, shiny green and red ornaments, and a kazillion lights of all shapes, sizes and colors from top to bottom and side to side.   

This was the tallest, biggest tree under a canopy and in a rotating stand. 

A gorgeous tree with a crown on top...

Dried oranges and lemons...

It was hard to take it all in on the first walk thru so I walked thru two more times and I am sure I missed lots.  

And lunch was yummy !  Have I ever mentioned that BKs has the best guacamole with chunks of avocados ?  It is almost a meal by itself, but I could never go there and not get a dog. 

We made a run to Lowes this week and Saturday morning Joe built a shelf unit for the third and last bedroom closet.  

I painted it Saturday afternoon and by that night it was in place.  This is the guest room closet.  There is no dresser or chest of drawers in the guest room...just a queen bed, two side tables, a chair and Joe's grandmothers wash stand.  So now, company will have a place to put clothes if they choose to do so.

We have enjoyed morning coffee, sunrise and the fire a couple of mornings this week.  

November 10, 6:23 am

November 10, 6:35 am

One morning we were treated to the hoots of owls as they conversed in the field behind our home.  Sometimes they hooted together.  I did read that they perform duets together to reaffirm their sweet !  Another morning, the coyotes were quite noisy barking and howling. Last week was a full moon and coyotes are often depicted as nocturnal animals that howl at a full moon in literature and movies.  But, they don't really howl at the moon.  It is the moonlight that causes coyotes to communicate by howling...  the more light, the more howling.  Joe and I still get excited when we hear the owls and coyotes in the backyard.  

When we went to Lowes, we also went to Wild Birds for seed. 


That's about it for the week.  Joe had two more MOHs surgeries last Tuesday and taking it easy was what the doctor ordered.  I'm looking forward to a hike or two soon.  Until next time,

November 13, 6:55 am




  1. That's a big snake! Is Dover still wearing a cone? Scary situation. The Sonora Dogs look get, but last week's Fish Tacos look really good too!
    Christmas decorations are going up here too, but we're still old fashion and waiting for Thanksgiving.

    1. Good morning Jeff! Dover wore her fancy collar the first week. We switched her to a sock after that so no, she didn't have on the collar when she had the snake encounter. Quite scary! Im with you about the Christmas tree. Joe, the kids and I always put our tree up the first week in December, but last year we bought our first ever artificial tree and put it up on Thanksgiving...I love decorating!

  2. Holy Crap! That is a big snake and scary! So glad that it did not turn out worse. Great job on those shelves, they will come in handy.

    1. Good morning Jim and thank you! It wasn't a huge snake...maybe 2 feet or so. It was big enough to get my and Dover's attention. We were very lucky!

  3. Oh my gosh that's a big snake and I'm SO GLAD he decided Dover was no threat! I can't wait to attend Gather! Love bottle brush trees--I wonder if they would thrive at our AZ elevation??

    1. Good morning Janna and me too! It was well after dark when I let Dover out. I switched on the patio light at the same time I opened the door and out Dover went. We will not make that mistake again. I know the Arizona Bottlebrush trees are drought resistant after established, but don't know about the elevation...we can ask at Civano. I have the 2023 market dates for Gather. Maybe a vintage shopping day and lunch?

    2. That would be so much fun! We are going to meet you guys this winter, I am determined! Emmi has avoided two rattlesnakes in her life--one here in Montana, another in Arizona. I think my scream deterred her from getting close enough to be struck.

    3. Sounds like a great plan Janna…looking forward to it!

  4. Thanks for the timely snake reminder Gay. I tend to get complacent at this time of year. Lights on before door opens now! Thanks for sharing the beautiful Christmas trees, a little early but still welcome. We, too, don't do any decoration til right after Thanksgiving.

    1. Hi Sue! And you are most welcome. A rattler on the patio is not the sort of surprise one likes to get. Dover was not the least bit scared or stand offish which makes it even more scary. The trees were beautiful...and I can't imagine how much time, patience and effort went into the decorating.

  5. Thanks for the idea for a tree. We are going back and forth about what to replace our fallen mesquite with. I mentioned on FB and Instagram that our large mesquite tree in our front yard fell over while we were travel in Sept. Luckily a neighbor got in touch with our landscapers and they called us. By the time we returned you'd never know anything had happened. It fell towards the road and we only lost one plant. Of course it was my favorite, huge variegated agave. Oh, well. Turns out the tree was planted on solid rock and couldn't put down deep roots. Also, the palm's roots near by were pushing it up, as well. And one windy day it toppled. We want something with rather shallow spreading roots that won't block our view from our picture window in the front. Your tree selection might just do it!! It definitely is a cute tree. So glad you caught sight of the snake and Dover is okay. What a yummy looking hot dog!!

    1. Good morning Pam. I love our Bottlebrush trees. Our front yard is way small so they don’t take up much space. We have decided on a Desert Willow for the backyard. You might want to check it out also. I liked the dark bark on them & the flower as well. Trees really need to be thinned out in the middle in the southwest. They topple fairly easily with the winds we have. A Palo Verde in the yard across the street just about split in half last year. Dover was very lucky! And BKs is just down the street from Lazydays if you head this way!