Sunday, December 4, 2022

Something Old, Something New, Something Yummy

Corona de Tucson

December 4. 2022 

Something old...but it never really gets old !

I love those mornings when we wake up and and one of us asks, "What do you want to do today?".  Thursday was one of those mornings !  The weather was about as perfect as any weather can be for the end of November/first of December. There were no appointments, errands, or plans on the calendar.  My answer to the question is always, "Let's do a hike!".  Our choice for the morning was Sahaurita Trail about 6 miles from home.  Sahuarita Trail is a small section (17+ miles) of the Arizona National Scenic Trail system that goes from the Mexican border to Utah.    We get a good 3.5 miles on our "in and out" walk.  The "in" has views of the Santa Rita Mountains...

and the "out" has views of the Rincon Mountains.




In between, there are lots of prickly pear cacti...

mesquite trees...

winter grasses...


and grasshoppers...really big grasshoppers.

But the sky stole the show !

Something new...always fun to find new things to do !

The historic and art village of Tubac celebrates the Holiday Season with its Luminaria Nights de Tubac the first week-end in December each year. The festival is held Friday and Saturday nights from 5:00 to 9:00.  Wahoo, sounds like a date night to me !  The streets and walkways are lined with luminaries and lights... 

and shops, galleries and restaurants are open.  

We arrived about 5:00...just before sunset...

strolled down the streets...

and meandered thru a few shops.

Clay Rabbit House was my favorite shop.  I do have a soft spot for pottery.  Dean and Debbie moved to Tubac about three years ago from the Northwest and opened their potting studio complete with two wheels and two kilns.  Dean creates each piece by hand or using wheel thrown methods and Debbie completes each piece of stoneware by adding colorful animals and western scenes.  Beautiful cardinals painted on platters, bowls, cups, and vases caught my eye when we passed by.    Then, I saw the saguaros...

and I couldn't help myself !  

A hot sandwich and a mocha latte at the deli hit the spot although I really wanted a piece of peanut butter pie.  The couple in front of us bought the last piece.  

Something yummy...always the first December treat I make.

Back at the oasis, the first of the holiday goodies is checked off the list.  A counter full of yumminess...toasted in the oven for 2 hours at 225 degrees and stirred every 20 minutes.  So worth the effort as Joe and I love this crunchy concoction of cereals, pretzels and pecans covered with melted butter, Worcestershire sauce celery salt and onion salt. It never makes it to Christmas Day ! 

Jack had a spa day.  

The violas have a mystery plant.

Jena sent pictures of Felix and Edith opening their cliff dwelling ornaments.

We enjoyed mid-morning walks with the pups.

Dover and Sally keep a watchful eye.

Joe puts on the morning coffee.  Sally waits patiently for me to fix my cup and go outside with her. 

The globe mallow is blooming on the other side of our fence.

And Saturday delivered much needed rain.

Until next time, 


  1. A hike sounds wonderful, it has been way too long since we hit the trail! The pottery looks awesome, you made a great choice.

    1. Hi Jim….and thank you. I love desert hikes! It’s my favorite winter time thing to do in Tucson. Although this time of year we are out and about later in the morning and I miss the early birds!

  2. I recall your crunchy concoction from last season, defiantly a seasonal tradition.
    You've captured more beautiful pictures of the winter skies with their thin layer of frozen clouds.
    Of course you had to take a saguaro home with you!
    I occasionally see the white spots on your cactus photos. Are those cochineal bugs? Fun red dye inside the white crust. They are all over in our cactus.

    1. Hi Jeff…thank you! Some days the sky doesn’t have any clouds, but when it does, it is so pretty! I remember saguaros dancing in cartoons when I was a child…so happy to be living among them in the Sonoran Desert. Now I have to examine the prickly pears a little more closely…will get back to you on that!

  3. That lamp is gorgeous! What a find! I've made one batch of Chex mix--the way the Cowboy likes it with only the three cereals and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper added to the butter, Worcestershire sauce and other spices. Jack is such a pretty boy and the kiddos are in wonder over their ornaments!

    1. Hi Janna…thank you. Loved all the pottery pieces at Clay Rabbit House. The owners are awesome and quite talented. I usually only make one batch, but we enjoy it so much that I might just make more this year. Felix really did like his ornament and sent us a picture of it on his tree with the light in it. Edith mostly enjoyed the bubble wrap as we got a picture of her stomping on it. Don’t be fooled by Jack’s cuteness…he is spoiled rotten!

  4. Hi Gay! I always read your posts. The desert life sure seems to fit you guys perfectly. Your house and yard look lovely. Your photos are always beautiful. Love seeing your four-legged best friends. I hope this message goes through. ~Sheila

    1. Hi Sheila! What an awesome surprise…it is great to hear from you. Thank you! We are very happy here. PLEASE let us know if you are ever in Tucson!