Sunday, February 26, 2023

A Sunny, Warm Start to the Week, Then...

Corona de Tucson

February 26, 2023

This week, it has been all about the weather.  After the snow and cold from the week before, Saturday was sunny and warm.  We spent a good part of the afternoon sitting outside enjoying the warmth,  watching the birds and playing ball.



Sunday was a totally different story...and the rest of the week followed suit.  Yep, we had some sun throughout the week, but it was chilly and windy with gusts up to 55 mph on Wednesday.

Sunday afternoon

Monday sunset

Tuesday mid-morning

Wednesday sunrise

Thursday sunny and windy

Friday sunny and chilly

Saturday off and on sun, but warm

That brings us to today...Sunday.

Sunday sunrise

Sometime between 8:00 and 8:30 am, it began to sleet.

The sleet turned to snow. 

The wintry mix continued for about three hours.

This makes twice in one month it snowed, but who is counting?  I am ! 

Sally was busy...

 The birds were busy...

(Click on the bird photos for a sharper image.)

I was busy...

Our week was spent enjoying home.  When the weather is like this, Joe and I are both so happy to be in our sticks and stucco.  We both more temps in the  teens and twenties living in the MH and walking the pups first thing in the morning.  We were to head out today for a winter trip to Bisbee.  That was cancelled with plans for a later date and warmer weather.  This has definitely been a much colder and wet winter than any we experienced during the 9 years we visited here while living a life on the road.  Not complaints, just fingers crossed for a desert full of beautiful wildflowers and cacti full of gorgeous blooms.  

Our only outing this week was a trip to the grocery store.  Happy to say taxes were filed,  games were played,  the bathroom closet cleaned out,  Dover and I have been couch potatoes, 

and look what was delivered.  Thank you Joe, Jena, Felix and Edith !

Until next time, a blast from the past...



  1. Our weather was gawd awful also lots of wind and rain followed by more of the same.
    Looks like your hawk was even cursing the wind. Great shoot of him in mid-squawk. The birds are sure taking advantage of your feeders.

    1. Hi Jeff and Fran…we have read all about your storms there. Hoping things calm down for you. Our day ended sunny, windy and cold. I’m glad we can feed the birds…especially in the winter when food is scarce. The hawk was quite vocal and loud. I watched until another hawk flew by and he left.

  2. So many finches on the feeder during the storm! And that dove with his claw lifted looks as if he's not sure about that white stuff! It has been all about the weather lately--maybe we are heading into a stretch of good weather!

    1. Good morning Janna and Mike…fingers crossed about the weather. The temps in the long range forecast look pretty good! The goldfinches are busy little birds and filling the thistle feeder has become part of “the every morning” routine.

  3. I think we took all that nasty weather north with us so you should be good now. Love that quail picture, sure wish we had some up here!

    1. Good morning Jim and Barb...I really don't mind the snow. If its going to be cold it masy as well snow and be pretty. It never lasts long. We love the quails too. Hoping for lots of babies in the yard this spring/summer.

  4. I was wondering when you said you were staying in Bisbee. We've visited in late March and they still had quite a bit of snow since their elevation is 5500'. Warmer temps will make for a much nicer visit. Sally looks so cute with the snow flakes on her. Great snow photos!!

    1. Good morning Pam…thank you! It sure is a lot easier to cancel/change plans (especially when it is weather related) if you have a sticks and stucco.