Saturday, April 13, 2024

Douglas Spring Trail and Travel Day

Lost Dutchman State Park

April 13, 2024  

Between hair cuts, puppy nails trimmed, and running lots of errands, we couldn't seem to fit our morning hiking/walks in the desert this week.  Knowing it was a busy week, we did something we rarely ever do...we hiked on Sunday.  

It was a little chilly when we woke up last Sunday morning.

We enjoyed a few extra sips of coffee, a hot breakfast and walked Sally before heading out.  The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and we planned a new to us hike in Saguaro NP-East.  

We have parked here a few times and enjoyed the trails in this area, but we have not taken Douglas Spring Trail.  It is a long trail. One way it's 2.9 miles to Bridal Wreath Falls, 6.5 miles to Douglas Camp, and 8.8 miles to Cowhead Saddle. 

Our plan was to hike to the junction of Douglas Spring and Carrillo trails and turn around making a 3 mile in and out hike.  

The first part of the hike is mostly flat desert.  We took our time and stopped to smell the creosote...

admire beautiful bouquets...

gentle colors...

bold colors...

and lots of new growth. 

Douglas Spring Trail is not all flat.  It has a nice climb...

with views as far as the eyes can see.

And what goes up...goes down !

I'm not sure why the saguaro tips look like this in spring and often wonder if it has to do with budding.

And yippee !  I looked up just in time to see buds on a very tall saguaro as we were almost to the parking lot.

Back at the oasis, Monday (and Eclipse Day) was somewhat cloudy.  Our max cover time was 11: 30 ish am and even though we didn't have glasses to view the sun, we were hoping for a little more drama.  It never got dark or looked like the sun was behind the moon in our yard.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching the eclipse on TV.  It was quite impressive, colorful, and scientific.  I had seen a total eclipse once before in 1984.  I was teaching kindergarten that day and we all sat in silence as the classroom turned from bright sunlight to total darkness.  Quite an event to share with 24 little folks.  I'm hoping some fellow bloggers will be sharing their photos of this event.   Mondays skies were very pretty here...

We had the same issue with LED lights that Janna and Michael had last week.  One of the two ceiling LED lights in our garage went out.  And yes, LED lights are suppose to last forever Janna!  Any way, no bulbs so we had to replace them.  Joe ordered two new light fixtures and now we can see in the garage.

That is a good thing...lots of good stuff goes on in the garage.  Joe changed and refilled fluids in the Jeep and checked nuts, bolts and belts.  Pearl is well into the hundred thousand miles club and we are not ready to part with her ! 

We see a lot of Gamble's Quail these days.  It's funny because our neighbor across the street asked us where they all go in the winter...we have no idea !

I chuckled when I took this reminds me of my childhood and going to a  Morrison's Cafeteria where you choose your "home-styled cooked" food from behind a counter and they served
it for you.  

The Bottlebrush trees in the front yard are so pretty.  I'm not sure who enjoys the vibrant red blooms or the hummingbirds.  

And in the backyard, I am loving our cactus...

and these happy little yellow volunteer violas coming up in the back yard from last years plants...  

and Desert Marigolds are scattered all along the cart path.  Have I mention I love yellow?  


Sally had a pedicure this week...

and rediscovered ice.

And Saturday was a travel day.  We are nestled in a beautiful site at Lost Dutchman State Park for the next five nights.  

Until next time...



  1. Your 'level' hike looks to have turned into a bit of a challenge, with nice sweeping view for your reward.. Love the quail all waiting their turn at the buffet.
    Your oasis is quite colorful with the vibrant yellows and radiant reds.
    The evening at Lost Dutchman certainly offers a nice sunset

    1. Good morning Jeff and thank you! The quail are always entertaining and comical. It is a sea of yellow at Lost Dutchman…absolutely gorgeous!

  2. We've never stayed at Lost Dutchman--enjoy your time away from the sticks and bricks. I love the line up of quail and sweet Sally's photo. Your cactus blooms in the backyard are gorgeous. Have a great week!

    1. Good morning Janna. You would love Lost Dutchman…all natural beauty with lots of walking choices. I have seen many photos of the Superstition Mountains and I can say I am very happy to be here….finally! I hope you have a great week too!

  3. Yay! On the road again and, at such a nice place! I look forward to hearing what you find while there, the Superstitions are favorites to explore.

    I have so many cheery little volunteers in our back yard. I wonder why I bother planting anything when these little guys grow with absolutely no effort!

    1. Hi Sue…I have a long list of things to do. Way more than we can fit into our short time here. Now that we are here, we might not do anything except take advantage of the trails in the park and the beautiful scenery.

  4. Loving the colours in your yard.
    I remember the Gambles Quail poking around our site at Elephant Bute in the Winter.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy the adventures.

    It's about time.

    1. Hi Rick…thank you! I love those funny Gamble's.