Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Hiking and Riding...

Lost Dutchman State Park

Apache Junction, AZ

April 15, 2024 

I think Lost Dutchman Sate Park is the prettiest park we have ever called home.  It might be the time of year we are here.  I wasn't expecting a sea of yellow.  I have never seen so much yellow.  And yellow is my favorite color !

This is the view from our site.

Sally is enjoying her walks and smells.

We were up early for a Sunday hike.  The choice was Siphon Draw.  Siphon Draw is the primary trail from the campground into the Superstition Mountains.  It is a rocky uphill with steep spots that involve rock scrambling. The plan was to go as far as we felt comfortable.  In total, we hiked up hill a mile and a half before turning around.  The rocks are slippery...marbles I say...on the downhill making for a slow go.  Being early birds was not the best choice, but I didn't realize it until I tried to capture the beauty with the camera.  The sun was in my face and caused quite the glare in photos.  



Monday, after a leisurely morning, we decided to take a scenic drive.  I love sharp curves snuggled up against rock cliff walls and the anticipation of what I will see next.  

Heading out of the park and making a right turn put us on Apache Trail...that was easy !  This scenic drive got its name from the Apache Indians who used this trail to move thru the Superstition Mountains.  And in the 1900s, it became a stagecoach route.    

Today, the 40 miles known officially as Route 88 starts at Apache Junction and ends at Roosevelt Lake.  We had tried to take the gravel road when we visited Payson in October 2022, but the road was closed due to a rock slide in 2019.  From our end, the road is paved for about 20 miles and turns into a graded dirt road for the rest of the way to the lake.  The gravel road is still closed about 2 miles after the pavement ends at Fish Creek Vista.   

We crossed two one lane bridges over creeks that run into Canyon Lake. 

It's a pretty lake and although none of my photos show the activities,  we saw several boats zooming by, paddle boarders  and picnics.

We turned around and headed home when we went as far as we could go.  We did make one stop along the way at Tortilla Flats.  It was lunch time !  

Tortilla Flat is nestled deep in the Superstition Mountains.  Back in 1904, it was established as a stagecoach stop and today, is the oldest operating stagecoach town in Arizona.  

Shops are located on 1 Main Street (the only address in town) and boasts a whopping population of 6.  

We had burgers and fries at Superstion Saloon.   The Dutchman's Burger was pilled high with bacon, onion rings, cheese and pickles and smothered in the Dutchman's lost BBQ sauce after the recipe was found.  It was good sauce...a little on the sweeter side and if that didn't feel us up, the thin and crispy fries sure did !


I don't usually post about the restrooms, but don't miss the opportunity to be a showgirl if you make a top there.  I hear you guys can be an outlaw if you have a hankering for that !

And did you happen to notice the $1.00 bills?  Our waitress who provided not only great service also told us there are 700,000 + $1.00 bills stapled to the walls, ceilings, and every nook and cranny in the saloon.   And one more thing, the stools at the bar were beautiful leather saddles and I didn't get a photo.  


We perused the Country Store and bought homemade fudge.  And at the other end of the street, we bought post cards to mail to the kiddos before heading home.  Big doing is Tortilla Flat !  

The afternoon was spent walking and sitting outside with Sally...

and trying to capture the sunset.  The late afternoon glow on the mountains...

and the sun fading away til tomorrow.

Until next time,



  1. Lost Dutchman is such an iconic park, and so pretty when it's all dressed in yellow! Apache trail is a favorite of ours and I was sad part of it is still closed! I thought I'd heard that they'd fixed the "road" and had opened it all the way to Roosevelt Lake....ah well. Thanks for taking us along.

    1. We are loving our time here Sue. The park is beautiful! We enjoyed our scenic drive. I think the issue for the road not being open yet has to do with funding.

  2. Lost Dutchman was always a favorite of ours and we loved visiting Tortilla Flats. Back in 2013, we did drive the entire Apache Trail. I hear, the plan is to eventually fix that rock slide and maybe even pave more.🤞

    1. Hi Ingrid…it’s our first visit here. We are enjoying exploring in Arizona…it has a lot to offer! Tortilla Flat was a nice surprise for lunch. We would love to drive the entire Apache Trail one day…🤞.

  3. I’m Anon - it’s Jeff here - when I comment using the cellphone
    When going to Cactus League games we have stayed at Lost Dutchman a couple times. I agree it’s a beautiful park. We’ve seen the Bighorn Sheep both times we rode the Dolly on Canyon Lake
    Tortilla Flats, for sure it’s for tourists but so much fun

    1. The Dolly will be added to the list for our next visit Jeff. Always looking for ideas and I would love to see the bighorn sheep. We have not ventured out except to take Apache Trail…it’s so pretty here!

  4. What an awesome adventure! Gorgeous photos! I can't get over the fact that they have over $700,000 in dollar bills all over their walls! Lol :)

    1. Thank you Jill! Those $1.00 bills were pretty impressive! Every inch of the walls and ceilings were covered with signed and dated dollars from all over the world…

  5. Your photos are gorgeous, especially that first one--stunning!! And I always love seeing the photos of sweet Sally. There is a bar in Montana like that with $1 bills pasted everywhere. By the way--I love your hair!

    1. Good morning Janna….thank you! I have let my curly hair grow out some and can actually make pig tails when we go hiking. LDSP is so pretty. I loved being there. We actually stayed put for two days and didn’t leave the park. Hope all is well at your house and you are enjoying company!

  6. You certainly have a wonderful spot. Gorgeous photos. I, too, love when everything is covered in yellow. The photos of Sally are so adorable. The Apache Trail is favorite. I'm glad we had the opportunity to complete it before they closed it. Good you got to see part of it. That burger looks SO yummy!!

    1. Thank you Pam…LDSP is a beautiful park. I didn’t see any bad spots there. We also loved how quiet it is. I sure hope the funding for the Apache Trail goes thru and the road will be completed. Tortilla Flat was a nice surprise…