Sunday, December 4, 2016

Settled in Tucson

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
December 4, 2016

Traveling from Moab to Tucson is always a pretty drive.  This trip was especially so.  

Monticello had just gotten a dusting of snow the night before.  

And I don't care how many times we have driven through Monument Valley, it is always a jaw-dropper.  

Then there are the striated rocks when we make the left turn onto Hwy 89 (about 10 miles past Tuba City).

After checking the weather, we left Moab a day early to avoid a winter storm in Flagstaff.  Dee's recommendation to get past the high elevation surrounding Flagstaff was right on.  The day we left, 4 to 6 inches of snow fell in Flagstaff with more forecasted during the night and a low of 11 degrees.  It was a beautiful drive over the mountains, but we were happy to pull into Distant Drums in Camp Verde for an over night stay.  

As we approached Flagstaff, the clouds were thick and low.

We shared the highway with lots of snowplows.
Things got really pretty as we skirted Flagstaff on I-17 towards Sedona. Quite exciting for a Georgia girl who hasn't seen much snow !

 And finally clear skies ahead.

We arrived in Tucson with a plan.  Our refrigerator died a week before we left Moab.  Parts were ordered and we arrived in Tucson with a day to spare before heading to Borrego Springs for the month of December...reservations I have tried to get the past three years.  It's no surprise that this life style gives you lemons sometimes.  The cooling unit we had replaced upon arriving here didn't do the trick.  And, while dodging traffic through Phoenix, a lug nut or very big rock hit the MH windshield right in front of Joe.  So here we sit at Tucson/Lazydays KOA until ?!?!  Things could be so much worse.  The weather is beautiful, the pups are happy, and we are healthy. Now plans are to get our hiking legs back and enjoy life while getting repairs done. 

 I love sitting on the patio here.  I hung a feeder of orange halves for my favorite little acrobats.  The verdins have already been enjoying their treat.

 I also hung a hummingbird feeder.  While Joe was grilling late yesterday afternoon, he called me out to see this beauty hiding in the branches.  He didn't drink any nectar,  maybe he will be back today.

So, when life gives you lemons...grab tequila and salt ! 
Until next time, let the good times roll.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Heading South

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
November 2016

Tomorrow is travel day.   
Before we go, a quick recap for November.  

Joe celebrated his 70th birthday earlier in the month.  Dee joined us for a delicious dinner at Jeffrey's Steakhouse followed by champagne at her place.

For years, Moab Friends For Wheeling jeep club has volunteered to help with Moab Trail Marathon.  It's a huge event with over 1500 runners at just one of the two aide stations we set up and worked.  Joe and I helped haul supplies on Friday as the first runners come through before 8 am.  

Glen loads a trailer and his jeep to haul supplies on Cliffhanger.
Larry loaded his Toyo buggy with water, coolers and table for Pritchett.
You wouldn't believe the boxes of bananas, granola bars, cookies and cases of gallon water jugs along with tables, water coolers for mixing electrolyte drinks, cups and more cups filled up several pick up trucks, a trailer, and several jeeps.  Some went to Pritchett and some went to Cliffhanger.

The mornings have been quite chilly recently, but the days warm up nicely.  55 degrees here sure doesn't feel like it did in Georgia.  We had a gorgeous, lazy run on Hells Revenge last week.  The sky and the LaSal Mountains were so dramatic and we enjoyed watching jeep shadows.

 Thanksgiving day, we joined Dee for a trail run on Kane Creek.  Kane Creek is turning into a favorite trail.  Not only is the scenery captivating, the terrain is so diverse.
The desert, 

the creek,

and the cliff, each with their own challenges, beauty and fun.

 Yesterday while Joe did some packing and rearranging, I went with Dee to see Pritchett Canyon.  There were two other well built vehicles in our little group.  Joe and I have heard about Pritchett Canyon for 4 years so I really wanted to see it and all it's challenges.  Locals say it's the hardest trail here and now I know why !  It's only 4.2 miles of trail, but Charles Wells Guide says to allow a full day for obstacles like Chewy, Rocker Knocker, Axel Hill and Yellow Hill.  My mouth dropped at the sight of boulders much taller than Blanche (Dee's jeep).  Some of the obstacles were in the shade, wet and slippery which added to the scary fun.  

We made the first tracks on Pritchett yesterday.

 It's an awesome canyon and Dee pointed our several hikes for this spring.

 We might even do some wheeling here too. The first big obstacle is Chewy.  Here Warren heads up after Dee.

 Nothing like a good flex and stretch on a chilly morning !

 And then Larry follows.

I only got one picture of Yellow Hill and this is the bypass !

 Just ahead of here, there was a nice sunny (and warm) spot to stop for lunch with a view.

 On the way out, we passed Pritchett Arch.  It's farther than the picture makes it look like is...I zoomed !

Up next, Tucson for a couple of nights to restock the pantry and then its on to So Cal to explore.

Until next time, let the good times roll !