Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nelson, NV

Just past Henderson and before Boulder City, take a right on 95 south. Go about 10 miles and you come to a road marked 165, it will be to the left! This is the road that follows El Dorado Canyon through the El Dorado Mountains.

 Nelson, back in 1775, was not Nelson but was called Eldorado by the Spainiards who made original discoveries of gold in this area that is now known as Eldorado Canyon. By 1885, prospectors and miners had taken over and established Techatticup Mine. It is the oldest, richest, and most famous gold mine in Southern Navada.

Diaagreements over management and ownership led to deliberate and unjustifiable killings so frequent that they became routine and ordinary. Despite the reputation of the mine, it along with several others in the area, produced several million dollars in gold, silver, copper, and lead.

Mines in the area were active until about 1945. Many of the men that created this area were deserters from the Civil War...both the North and South. 

Today, Eldorado Mine Tours based at the Historical Teachatticup Mine provide historical mining tours.

Continuing on...the Eldorado Wilderness is a land of rugged peaks and ridges cut by washes and canyons.

The views were spectacular all the way to the Colorado River.

 The road follows a major wash to a viewpoint overlooking the Colorado River.
This picture is much prettier bigger...the rays against the rock are nice!

 Not a natural arch, but a good photo op. Doesn't compare to Pam's ( from Oh, the Places They Go! ), but still a pretty spot.

Nelson's Landing was in this area. It was destroyed in a flood in 1974. For some 40 years the Landing served the steamboats that piled in and provided a lifeline for the mining town. Hiking, horseback riding and kayaking are very popular here. There are off-road trails for  vehicles too.

Can you see the tiny yellow blooms?

The flowers were beautiful...

 We had a great time. The weather was perfect for Pearl to go topless.

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  1. It doesn't matter where we go, we always miss something. I guess that's so you have to go back for another visit.

    How did you discover Nelson? I love these old towns! Back roads, great rocks...our kind of place. Love your arch!! glad you had a good day to break in the new Jeep!

  2. Just gorgeous country. I think rafting down the Colorado River would be fun and exciting. Those old towns look like scenes from Gunsmoke.

  3. We too somehow missed this place in our visits and it is now on the list for next time. I loved that old RV.

  4. Very cool looking area. Nevada is pretty neat. Love your new Wrangler. Great color.

  5. Great pictures today , thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Love those cacti pictures, the blooms are always so delicate compared to the weathered, spiny cactus!!