Friday, March 8, 2013

There...and getting here!

Window washers on Harbor Drive...

 Joe and I have arrived safe and sound in Las Vegas. We left San Diego Wednesday mid-morning. I had a few pictures I never posted so am doing so now...
Mission Bay Park...quite lovely... friends Duke (the great dane) and Jake (the lab) with Nancy and Marty from Portland...
...lots and lots of shell art! Pretty neat...

...another new buddy, Otto...

...Jack snoozing. His spherical object is in the bag...we cant say the "b"word!...

...trimming nails...ALL 72 of them!...

...and new neighbors who moved in the week before we left!

No...its not puppy prison...just looks that way.We travel with a pet fence so our pups can enjoy being outside with us. By the way, thanks Mary Ellen for the water gun idea. It sure comes in handy (when the pups, well Sally, get too excited) and so many folks have asked us about it...

Does anyone recognize these tiles? We had to go here before we left San Diego...

Last night, we stayed at Barstow/Calico KOA. Boy were we surprised to wake up to snow this morning. When we arrived yesterday, this mountain behind the park was not covered in snow...first real snow we have seen this is pretty!

 The ride from Barstow to Vegas was only 160 miles or so. It was rainy, windy, and yes cold and snowy for part of the trip.
Made a stop for the pups at the rest area...

Duh?...would you ride in this?

Dover is in her favorite spot.
First trip to Vegas...

All settled in site 7422...
One sweet boy!

Did you guess? The tiles were from here!


Here we should be warming up tomorrow to the mid 60s and sunny and even warmer next week...low 80s. We have several things we want to do...thanks Pam!

Thanks for stopping by good-times-rollin.  We love this blogging thing....thank you Ruth!

Take care everyone. Until next post, be safe and enjoy.


  1. So glad you arrived safely. The weather must be terrible all over the west. But we are suppose to warm up to near 80 here in Utah. Your weather looks even better. Enjoy your visit. I hope you get to Valley of Fire. Looking forward to your posts!

  2. I love your header picture. Is that the Oregon Coast? My Husband's cousin raises great Dane's. They have two of them and live in Centrailia, Washington
    Betty and Joe from Milwaukie, Oregon

  3. You are so lucky that Dover lets you trim his nails. Our Timmy is just impossible. Enjoy your time in Las Vegas. Valley of fire State Park is wonderful.

  4. You could put a saddle on that great dane and ride him Gay!!!! He's huge.
    We've booked our next winter spot so I don't have to scrounge around and try and find somewhere. That's a good feeling.
    Don't loose all your money in Vegas!!

  5. Enjoy Vegas, we stay at Arizona Charlie's for a couple nights when we were there too.

  6. Oh my, that Great Dane is one big puppy dog! Have fun in Vegas!

  7. That is one beautiful Harlequin Great Dane. We have one that lives down the road from us, and he is huge. His name is Harley.
    I love Jack snoozing in the chair. Does he have dachshund in him?
    He looked like it from the pictures. Good luck in Vegas.