Saturday, September 7, 2013

Colorful Colorado and Wonderful Weather

Durango, CO
September 4-6, 2013

We left Moab bright and early Wed. (Sept. 4th). It was a beautiful ride to Durango and only about 180 miles. We enjoyed being on a country highway as opposed to the interstate.
 Sights along the way kept me busy and interested...
 A huge thanks to the people working in this heat to improve our quality of travel.
 We passed many farms...
 colorful meadows...
and pastures before arriving in Durango.

 Belle quickly settled into her spot at the Durango KOA. We chose a secluded back-in space on the far side of the park. Its very quiet and very little traffic.

The Tan Clan is happy...Joe made a nice fenced in area at home so they can sit out with us and there are two fenced in bark parks at the campground  for them to play ball in.


We started our third year of full-time RVing on September 6th. The time has flown by and just thinking back on all our adventures sure makes us thankful we can enjoy this life style.

Our pups seem to have settled down over the past 2 years. They always know when we are getting ready to move on.


And have turned out to be great traveling companions.

 Thursday was spent running errands...Pearl needed a new air filter...imagine that! We needed information...always good to have! And we needed a few things from Wal-Mart and the grocery store...nice to stock up!

With errands out of the way...Friday we hit the trail!

 The Colorado Trail stretches almost 500 miles...from Durango to Denver. Hikers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers all enjoy the trail which is maintained by the Colorado Trail Foundation...all volunteers!

 The section of trail we hiked was along the Junction Creek just outside of Durango.

Pam and John (Oh, The Places They Go!) did this hike with friends when they were in Durango...look familiar?

We only made it 2 miles in...didn't get to Gudy's Rest. If we have time, we want to go back to catch that view!

We finished our time with a 7 mile ride (one way) to the Animas Overlook. It's an unpaved road with wonderful views.

There is a very short interpretive walk at the overlook along with picnic tables and a potty.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the wonderful is absolutely perfect. Highs in the mid 80s and the lows in the mid 50s with a very nice breeze. 

Hope you are having a great week-end.

 Take care...

until next time...


  1. I'm sure your time on the road has flown by. So much to see and do. We leave Chalk Creek Campground tomorrow for Denver then over to Moab. Maybe we'll pass by close enough to stop for a visit. Enjoy Colorado! It's such a beautiful state.

    1. Sounds great....we will be here thru Friday the 13 th. Maybe I didn't plan that right, good thing we're not superstitious!

  2. Colorado is an incredible state. So much to see and experience. Your pups are so cute. We've been on the road almost five years and Skitz still hates it when we first start out. But she settles down pretty good and she definitely likes riding in the truck much better than in the motorhome we used to have.

  3. The time flies when you are on the road, we are beginning our 8th year as fulltimers, such a wonderful lifestyle.
    Keep enjoying as long as you can.

  4. Will you try your hand at fly fishing while there? We saw several guys in the Animas River yesterday... looked like fun. Hope you make it into Durango soon... you'll have a ball if you like funky tourist towns ;-) - good food, great beer, like to watch people, and walking through shops. It's the atmosphere that I love!

  5. Glad you made it to Durango safely:) Our stay was only a few days because of our daughter's arrival to Estes Park but we wanted to visit with our friends. Hopefully we will get back for a longer stay.

    I have the same photo of those neat tan and white rock formation on the Junction Creek trail!! Fun day!

    The dogs are so cute! I am sure they are thrilled to have some dog parks for their play time.

    Enjoy your stay! The River Trail makes for a wonderful bike ride with lunch spots along the way.

  6. Are you going to hike the full 500 miles of the trail? ;)

    1. Ummm....don't think so! Just bits and pieces around Durabgo if the weather holds out. Rain is forecast for the next few days!

  7. Gay, so glad you are having great weather in Durango! It is HOT here in Loveland! Your photos are wonderful! The Durango area looks beautiful; it has been a long time since I was there. LOVE, the photos of our kids!!

  8. Durango is another place we have never been. Looks surprisingly green there for this time of year. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  9. Looks like Durango area will be on our "to see" list too. And that weather looks like it is wonderful.....over 100 again in Sacramento area today.

  10. If you get the chance you should take the train up into Silverton. It's really quite hair raising!!! But really neat. And Silverton is a lovely little town way up in the mountains. The train ride starts in the town of Durango and ends where it started. I remember Durango well, that was the day one of our jacks would not retract on the Southwind. Finally got it to work. And visit the honey farm, very interesting.

  11. If you don't feel like taking the train to Silverton you should at least drive there for a day visit. We just returned from a day trip there today. We're staying at Ridgway State Park just north of Ouray. Unfortunately the rain hasn't let up. We're into our third Month of full-timing....yep newbies. Love the doggie photos!