Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Car Wash and a Hike = Fun Labor Day Weekend

Moab, Ut
August 31/Sept.1, 2013

The car wash, ummm...not a fun thing to do on a holiday week-end. But Sunday (9/31) it was calling our name. This car wash is a little different from the norm. The water was dried up...thank goodness, there was only one person in front of us, and we didn't need any quarters. 

 This car wash is on Hell's Revenge. It is not the hardest obstacle on this trail, but the hardest for Pearl to date. It is an optional side route with a bypass. But not this day!

 Dee drove Roxanne thru first...down
 ...and up.

 Then it was Pearl's turn...the car wash is a large pot hole at the top of a narrow fin. Its easier to get in than it is to get out. Pearl performed flawlessly...no straps needed and she didn't even try to tip over!


My view going down...

and coming out!

 We took a breather at the River View...

the Colorado River,

 ...scenic Hwy 128,

...and Arches NP.

 This is Josh and Stephanie attempting The Escalator. This is also optional...lockers and lower gears are needed. Two of the things we plan to add next year...

Check out the tires...pretty cool!

 Josh backed out and tried a couple of times...then OOPS!
Stephanie strapped up the Jeep and Dee's winch straightened him back up...he slowly backed out and didn't try again. No damage was done to the Jeep. The dirt bikes didn't make it up The Escalator either.

 As we were leaving Hell's Revenge, Dee made another recovery...two in one day! This Jeep was hanging on by a thread...about an inch of tire thread that is...on the back passenger side. Front tire was completely off the trail.

Roxanne did her thing...pulled the Jeep back on the trail and after a few "Whew!"s and "Thank you!"s we were all on our way.

Hell's Revenge is described as... "dangerously steep climbs and descents over sandstone and ledges." I concur! Also recommended is "low gearing, good articulation, and lockers." The guide suggests "not for stock vehicles or novice drivers."
This was an awesome last trail ride in Moab for the year!
Pearl on the Dragon Tail.
 Bright and early Saturday (9/30) we revisited one of our favorite hikes...The Fisher Towers. Its a 4.6 round trip hike with amazing views and some challenges.

 The trail was harder to follow this time. We last did this hike on June 6th. The rains have washed out some places and the cairns were gone in some places.  
We were glad it was somewhat familiar and we only got lost once on the return.

The trail winds beneath the towers...


 ...and ends up on a ridge with a 360 degree panoramic view.

Sign says...Trail End
 We have had an awesome second visit to Moab. It has been hot in the afternoons, but afternoons are for naps! The mornings are for sunrises, playing with our pups, hiking, and Jeeping. The evenings have been pleasant as well...visiting with friends, grilling, and enjoying the stars.
Seed pods on Fisher Towers Trail
Sunrise at Portal RV Resort
 Dee pulled out Monday morning headed for the Rubicon Trail.

 Jan and Martin arrived Monday evening. 
We are spending the day preparing to leave in the morning. And tonight, its the Blue Pig with friends.We are excited about going to Durango, our next destination. We have never been there!
Take care! Until next time...
Be safe and enjoy the view!


  1. Y'all sure know how to do Moab the right way....wish we had a jeep to go off road with (but Marcia would have a hard time getting in and out with her MS). But we sure can enjoy your adventures...thanks for the pics and the stories. Enjoy Colorado...be safe. Dave (Marcia and Bubba and Skruffy) GoingRvWay.com

  2. Glad you are enjoying all the Jeep trails. You have some great photos that capture the danger and challenge. I know photos never show the real event. The Escalator was amazing...maybe crazy!!

    Some day it would be fun to get a second Jeep that we can fix all up for this fun and adventure like yours. That way we don't need to worry about damage. Right now we will have to stick with less dangerous trails since our Jeep is also our main vehicle.

    Love the Fisher Tower! Were there climbers on the other peak? Glad you didn't get lost with the missing cairns and washed out areas.

    It is always hard to leave Moab. Enjoy Durango!!

  3. I forgot...WONDERFUL header!!! Beautiful shot, a real keeper:)

    That scene right after the yellow flower is an amazing photo!!

  4. Love, love the shot looking in the side mirror! What gorgeous scenery with some "scary" rides! It sure looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves! Safe travels to Durango!!

  5. Don't think our jeep would go half the places you guys have been going. Loving the pictures.

    I know you will have a great time in Colorado. We didn't make it over to Durango this summer but we were told about a jeep trail that was pretty awesome. It's called the Alpine Loop. Check it out for us!

  6. I'm sure our Jeep would end up on its side if we tried the things you do. No way. No way.

  7. Sounds like very funfilled adventure thanks for sharing the great pictures.

  8. Beautiful country. I hope to see that soon.

  9. Love the header photo but some of the others just give me the willies.LOL

  10. Amazing header photo--quite an artistic shot and memorable image.

    Geez--I know nothing about off-road four-wheeling. I can tell one thing; it is not for me. Sounds like you enjoyed it though. The views are the big bonus that might lure me on.

    Durango should be beautiful this time of year.