Friday, November 15, 2013

Belle is all well!

Live Oak Landing
Freeport, FL
November 14, 2013

Site #58 never looked so good...after 3 long days and nights, we arrived home Thursday morning!  The stop engine light was a result of a part that filters particulates from the diesel that needed to be replaced. First attempt was to clean up the old part which we were told was standard operating procedure. That didn't work, so a new part was ordered.
A 34 point check-up was done...belts replaced, oils and fluids changed, and who knows what else.  Well, after a good check-up, Belle is running better than ever.  We plan to go back next week for new tires.

God does send messages...
Joe and I had planned all along to have our MH serviced in Tucson in January. It was a blessing the stop engine light came on because the serpentine belt was worn. Whew...wouldn't want to be stranded!

 We left LOL bright and early last Monday morning...Pam close your eyes...6:30am. Well, the roads were already busy. We had traffic backed up for a couple miles on Hwy 331. Officer Day with the South Walton Sheriff's Dept. pulled us over. He was very nice and was given the OK to escort us to Hwy 98...a four lane.
Belle went all the way to Fort Walton, about 39 miles, in second gear and 24 MPH. Can you believe only one person blew the horn and one other gentleman found it necessary to use "sign language".

While Joe was explaining our situation to Officer Day, I noticed the white line in the bay. It was a row of birds.

It was pretty chilly while we were "camped out" at the service center. The days did warm up to the whopping mid 50s. We ventured out to the park with the pups.  There is a new dog park in Fort Walton...just opened  this past October.

 Liza Jackson Park is an open air waterfront park with picnic pavilions, walking paths, boat dock, located right off Hwy 98 on the Inter-coastal waterway.

It's a great facility if you are ever in the area...even if you don't have pups!

A bird at the Liza Jackson Park

Thursday afternoon and today were spent cleaning inside and outside, catching up on laundry, and a trip to the grocery store and Lowes. 

Hope you have a great week-end.

Until next time...
take care...
and enjoy your view!


  1. Nice that you have Belle. All fixed up and ready to roll again.

  2. Good to hear that things worked out for you, and you can now relax:) I am sure the dogs were very excited to see that park. Service parking lots aren't much fun!

    Enjoy the panhandle:) It's a beautiful place.

  3. Happy to hear that things turned out well for you. Breaking down while traveling can be a nerve racking experience. We too will be heading into Florida in 2 weeks. I am looking forward to it. I really like the area where we're at now (Gulf Shores), but it's not a dog friendly place. Thankfully FL is. BTW, I'm still finding stink bugs. I think of you each time I do. HaHa

  4. So happy to hear that Belle is running without issues. That's a good thing. Love places that think of our pets and welcome them.

  5. We sure know what it is like to breakdown out on the road. Always hate to have to go through it....but sometimes it leads to finding something that would have been worse if you did not catch it now. Glad all is better. Hope you are enjoying "Our Home State's" weather....we will be there in a few months ourselves. --Dave

  6. I'm betting you're glad that experience is behind you. It was sure nice of the officer to escort you.

  7. Sounds like you limped through this motorhome challenge pretty well. Finding the worn serpentine belt was a good thing.

    I love that you were appreciating the local wildlife (looking at the birds) while Joe was talking to the police officer. What a great example of your zen-like nature.

  8. Great! Betsy was a little worried of Belle. And we are all glad everything is checked and Belle is as good as ever.