Monday, November 18, 2013

Exploring Black Creek

Live Oak Landing
November 17, 2013

 Yesterday, Joe and I woke up excited to have plans. Our friends Barry and Millie invited us for a ride down the Black Creek.

 We met Barry and Millie at LOL last year in October. They have a Boston Terrier, Gus, who was featured in our blog last year...Sally was in love!

 Anyway, Barry and Millie never left. They bought a home, settled in, and are enjoying their retirement here. They also bought a pontoon boat..."YIPPEE!"

dock at LOL

covered deck at dock area
Sunday morning, we headed for the dock at LOL and watched as they rounded the bend. 


Gus, our official greeter, made us feel very welcomed!

 The creek is named for the color of the water caused by the presence of tannin from decaying leaves and vegetation.

Black Creek offers a mix of salt and freshwater.

 The skies were a little overcast...which was just fine with us. We talked a lot, but also enjoyed the quiet a lazy day on the creek provides.Of course, I was on camera overload.

We were more than pleasantly surprised to see how pretty the trees were.

The creek bank was lined with water plants...
cypress trees and cypress knees...
a sunken boat...
lots of hidden docks...
and spots of yellow from the wildflowers.
 I did learn that a meander is a bend in a river/creek. A meander is formed when the moving water erodes the outer banks and widens its valley  and the inner part has less energy and deposits what it is carrying.
A river/creek of any volume may assume a meandering course...eroding sediments from the outside of a bend and depositing them on the inside.
I hope you can see what a wonderful time we had!
 We didn't see many birds, just a few osprey.

Thanks Barry and Millie. We will definitely take you up on the offer to join you again. Next time we might get to go into the Choctawhatchee Bay. We cant wait!
 Tomorrow we are headed back to Fleet Maintenance for new tires.
Hope you have a great week.Until next time, take care...

 and enjoy your view!




  1. That definitely looks like a fun day. You even had pictures to prove it!

  2. What a great time! Haven't been on the water since we left Florida. Beautiful scenery.

  3. I wish I had friends with a pontoon boat. ;)

  4. How nice to have friends that have a boat! Looked like such a nice day floating and catching up:) Beautiful! Love that last photo of Gus!!

    1. Gus had a great time....sat right there for most of the day!

  5. What a delightful way to spend the day! I never knew you could find fall colors in Florida. Looks like a special place. Gus is adorable.

    1. It was a very nice surprise to find so much color on the banks...sure makes for pretty pictures!

  6. It is so nice to take a leisurely cruise on a pontoon boat down the river. Nice of them to take you out for a tour.

  7. Nothing like a relaxing day spent on the water. I love pontoon boats, my father had one. I have many fond memories of the outings we shared.

  8. What a leisurely day…nice to have friends with a pontoon boat. I did not expect fall foliage in Florida, beautiful!

  9. WOW, what a beautiful area and your photos show it off beautifully! Looks like a very fun time on the Black Creek. Glad your Belle is doing well and you also!!

  10. We stayed at Blackwater River State Park in Holt. What a beautiful area. All of the Florida State Parks along there are wonderful.