Sunday, November 10, 2013

Live Oak Landing and Topsail Hill Preserve

Live Oak Landing RVC Outdoor Destinations
November 10, 2013

Live Oak Landing (LOL), an RVC Outdoor Destination, is located in Freeport, FL on Black Creek just off the Choctawhatchee Bay. It's another one of our favorite places to a state park surrounded by beautiful nature and a resort with huge concrete pull-thrus or back-in sites all in one.

We are all settled in on site #58...not the site we had last year, but with the same neighbors! The squirrels have really been busy!

The creek and bay offer great fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. If you want to go canoeing, take a tour or a fishing expedition...a "skipper" is on hand. LOL has partnered with Mark McDuffie (a wounded warrior), founder of Wounded Warrior  Fishing, to provide guests with professional and fun fishing

It's peaceful and quiet, friendly, close to the beach, outlet malls, and seafood!

AND...has the most awesome bark park ever! It's huge, grassy, shaded and sunny, and did I say HUGE and GRASSY?

Run, Dover run!

Run, Jack run!

Run, Wrecks run!
Run, Sally run!

The doggie park is just behind our site. Very convenient for playing 3 to 4 times a day.

Yesterday, Joe and I stopped by the South Walton Visitor Center. What a terrific resource for everything you might want to know about the area. I was surprised to learn that South Walton has 16 beaches and...

  40 percent of it's land area is preserved for nature and includes 5 state-owned parks of "pristine coastal wilderness".

Explore, coastal wilderness, beautiful weather...our kind of day! We were up bright and early...destination Topsail Hill Preserve State Park.

It was just great to be outdoors!

This preserve features 1,600 acres of gulf-front pine forest. We took the green loop of 6 different trails.

Dragonflies were zooming...the biggest dragonflies we have ever seen.

The trail took us to Campbell of 2 freshwater lakes on the preserve.

The ocean is just on the other side of the dunes.
The only birds I got pictures of today were these black ducks, umm, I mean American coots (Thanks Judy!). We did see a woodpecker, but I was eating my apple and wasn't fast enough.

The highlight of the day was photographing the water lilies...

 It was a perfect day!
Tomorrow might be a bit of a challenge. Short story...about 15 miles from LOL, the check engine light came on in Belle, then the stop engine light came on. We literally crawled into our site here. Joe thinks its the DPF and the exhaust needs to be regenerated. We will be taking Belle to Fort Walton for a check-up...fingers are crossed we won't need to be towed. Yikes! 
Hope you have had a great week-end and are looking forward to a new week. Until next time...
take care and...
enjoy your view!

P.S. Happy Veteran's Day


  1. Sure hope nothing serious wrong with Belle. Once again, absolutely beautiful pictures.

    1. Thanks Sandie. Please keep your fingers crossed for us...not sure how the 4 pups would like being towed!

  2. Looks like a wonderful place. By the way, those black ducks are American coots. ;)

    1. Thanks Judy! This is a very nice place! You would love it!

  3. Gay, I am hoping you make it to the service center!! And, you don't have any major issues!

    Your photos are just beautiful! I love the photo of the bush with the white flowers. At least it looks like it has white flowers. All of them are lovely. What a beautiful area!

    1. We do love this area. Can't wait to have a beach day! The bush with the white flowers is actually seeds kind of like a dandelion....fuzzy and they scatter when the wind blows. And I added the red berries just for you!

  4. Great site! Love that concrete:) Nice that you are so close to the dog park.

    We stayed in Miramar Beach twice for the month of March. We would ride bikes over to Topsail and ride around. Very nice area.

    Hope all is all right with the MH and you have a quick fix!

    1. Topsail is beautiful. Having lived in LaGrange and with Joe only having a couple of weeks vacation at a time, we always came to Panama City Beach for vacations. Can you believe yesterday was the first time we have been to Topsail? What a shame!

  5. Topsail is one of our favorite parks in Florida. We will have to check out the place you are staying as it is not easy to get a site at Topsail. Sure looks wonderful this time of year.

    Hope that the MH issues are minor and don't require a tow!

    1. LOL would be a great "backup" plan...

      Fingers are crossed!

  6. Just by looking at the pictures one can get a sense of the peacefulness & quite beauty of the area. It certainly makes me want to visit. I am going to check it out. Thank you so much for sharing & enjoy your stay.

  7. Beautiful pictures! How long will you be in Florida? We will be there in Decmber and hope to catch up wth John and Pam. Maybe you guys can join us.

    Hope the motor home issues are not serious. Who knows, maybe it will only be a 10 cent fuse!

  8. A 10 cent fuse old be great!
    We will be here in Freeport until Jan. 5th. Then heading to Tucson!
    Maybe we can hook up out west ?!?!

  9. Nice spot you have there, good luck with Belle, hope se is feeling better soon.

  10. What a super spot you snagged. It looks like the type of place lots of folks would also like. Your pictures are super! My fingers are crossed for you that getting Belle into Fort Walton will be an easy task and those lights won't even come on.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. And I wished we are now in FL! Its been cold here in Charleston as an Arctic wind moved this past few days.
    Topsail looks really peaceful and beautiful. Hmmm Ill check this place out for our March route.

  12. Hope Belle is just having a hiccup and nothing serious.

  13. This looks like a lovely spot. We are so looking forward to wintering in FL. Hope this finds Belle's woes to be minor. On another topic, I am not being notified when you post. I am going to add myself as a subscriber again and see if that works.