Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top of the World!

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
October 24, 2014

Top of the World...feeling wonderful, glorious, ecstatic! Yep, that's what The Free Dictionary on my IPad says about "top of the world". I agree!  During our lifetime, there are people, places or occurrences that certainly manifest that feeling of being on top of the world.

 Last Friday was one of those days! When Dee calls to say "Let's go...", Joe and I are packed and in Pearl before she has finished the sentence. It is a real treat to follow Dee and go exploring! As it turned out, we did go to Top of The World...it's a trail in the Guide to Moab Backroads and 4-Wheel Drive Trails book. It is listed near the top of the difficult trails with an explanation that only the last 1/2 mile loop at the end is difficult. Parking and walking is an option.
Looking west from Top of the World toward Fisher Towers

Looking down on Onion Creek Narrows...

Looking east at Onion Creek 4X4 trail climbing out of the canyon and towardTaylor Farm...
The sun was in the wrong place for my photographs...I apologize for the poor pictures. But at least maybe they show the expansive views. I have been told by locals that June is the perfect month for taking pictures in Moab. We'll just have to check that out in 2015.

The turn-off for the trail and a good place to air down and potty is the Dewey Bridge...about 29 miles on Scenic Hwy 128 from Moab. Decisions to build Dewey Bridge which crosses the Colorado River were made in 1913 when ice in the river struck the ferry and it sank. Upon completion in 1915, it was the second longest suspension bridge west of the Mississippi. The bridge was designed to support the weight of 6 horses, 3 wagons, and 9,000 pounds of stuff.

A restoration project was completed in 2000 for the use of bicycles and pedestrians as part of the Kokopelli trail. In 2006, a 7yr old boy accidentally started a fire nearby in a campground while playing with matches. The bridge was destroyed.

This area is known as Entrada Bluffs. The trail twists and turns thru pinyon pines...

Utah junipers...
(I really have a great appreciation for the junipers. Half dead - half alive, strong, gnarly and fragrant...) 

with spots of golden nuggets here and there.

There were just enough challenges to add some thrills...

and a spectacular lunch view!

 Top of the World...
As always, until next time, be safe...

...and happy trails!


  1. I would be chicken to drive that trail. Your pictures are the only way I'll ever see that!

  2. I'm with Judy. Sure glad you are brave enough to get these gorgeous pictures for us to enjoy.

  3. Boy, I sure love going on those rides vicariously with you! Gorgeous scenery and crazy roads!

  4. The pictures are breathtaking and it looks like the ride was too!


  5. Gorgeous pictures again but I wouldn't want to be the one that took them unless I was in an airplane with a good zoom.

  6. Breathtaking views. I can see how 4 wheeling could become addicting.

  7. You certainly were On Top of the World!! I love that view of Fisher Tower from way up there. Wow!! Looks like a nice challenging trail. And your photos are wonderful even if the sun wouldn't move:) What an amazing lunch view. I need to find those columns with the little caps...very cool!!

  8. What a trip! What a view! I didn't even notice the sun not cooperating,I was so caught up in the beauty!

  9. Those Utah junipers are real master piece of art.

  10. We will all have to do this one together next year! Looks like fun!