Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Little Camper That Could

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
June 20, 2015

Once upon a time (not so long ago), a sunset ride was planned because it was too dang hot to go any other time of day. 

We decided on a fairly easy ride along Onion Creek and Thompson Canyon.

Our small caravan had Joe and I at the helm, Joe III and Jena in the saddle and Ronnie and Carol assuming the tail-gunner position. All was right with the world as we wandered up and over and around a beautiful piece of country.

The late afternoon glow made for a brilliant ride with vibrant colors. Just one of those little things that sure makes the heart beat faster. 
When all of a sudden, there is movement in the bushes beside the road. Yeah! Wildlife! And even more exciting...baby wildlife! With the camera clicking away, thru the front window we creep by very close. I was mostly focused on mama bird so I could get an ID. The photo below shows a beautiful pale-colored, but boldly patterned bird in the pheasant family called a Chukar Partridge. Info on www.allaboutbirds.com states it is native of Eurasia and was introduced into the US from Pakistan to be a game bird.

 Another little thing that gets the heart beating faster is to round a curve and find the trail is gone. The flash floods had done a really great job of washing the trail away!

 But alas, not to worry, the trail returns as we begin a series of steep switchbacks... 

that land us in a most spectacular place.

Onion Creek 4X4 Trail ends here so we made a left turn onto Thompson Canyon 4X4 Trail. We are having a grand time communicating on the CB radio and enjoying the ride 
when we pull up behind a truck camper as it was about to flop on its driver side. It seems the rains had not been so kind to Thompson Canyon either and there was a huge rut and very soft sand all around.

Joe guided Mitch...yep we were on a first name basis...to back up, we proceeded to fill in the trail with rocks and debris and then Joe carefully and successfully spotted him across. Mitch and his wife were traveling to Gateway, CO! Mitch thanks us and carries on while the rest of us get ourselves across. 

Not much further we see brake lights again...

...and once more, rocks were carefully placed so that Mitch could get traction to make a slippery incline out of a wet stream bed. 

Once more Mitch thanks us and carries on while the rest of us make our way.

Once more the sound of laughter resounds on the CB along with oohs and aahs...gorgeous scenery all around. 

A very nice sunset indeed. And just think if we hadn't stopped to help Mitch, we might not have been in the perfect place to enjoy it!

Uh-oh! We meet again! This time was the worst. Even though the picture doesn't show it, there is a huge and deep rut across the trail. Mitch had tried on his on to cross, but it didn't happen.

By this time, another vehicle pulled up behind us in a bit of a hurry to get moving. Against our recommendation, it was decided to push the camper up the other side of the rut. 

It worked out for Mitch, but the pushers including Joe III were sand blasted! And rock blasted!

The story does have a happy ending...this time Mitch said thank you and decided he should follow us the rest of the way. We were glad we were there to help him. Once on pavement, Mitch and his wife found a camping spot and called it a day. Hope they made it to Gateway!

Let the good times roll... 


Up next...The Windows at Sunset


  1. Boy, I think Mitch was really fortunate you guys came along! What gorgeous scenery as the day waned! That bird was such a lucky sighting, great markings!

  2. Wow, what an adventurous day! I absolutely love the late photo! Congrads on the bird sighting, beautiful!!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous colorful rocks!! Gay, the brilliant colors on your photos are just amazing and I know that is exactly how they looked in person:) What a fantastic trail ride with a super sunset reward at the end:) I guess Mitch didn't do his homework before setting out on this "road." How lucky that you had lots of help with you to get him along. I hope Joe III was all right after his sand/rock blasting.

  4. Love you adventures. thats taking a camper along with you off the beaten track!
    Nice that you could help him out.

  5. I think it's time you took a rest. You've been very busy people. However, I'm thinking some folks were happy you came along.

  6. Spectacular! Glad you had been a good samaritan today or as you said you would have missed the sunset glow.
    How could anyone be in a hurry there?