Thursday, October 1, 2015

National Public Lands Day 2015

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
September 26, 2015

This past Saturday was NPLD.  Moab Friends For Wheelin' volunteered to paint trail markers and put up signs on Golden Spike, a difficult 6.28 mile 4X4 trail.  Jeff, the club president, had a plan that was executed to near perfection. Volunteers were divided into two painting teams with five to six vehicles each. Glen and Dee were the designated paint team leaders leaving Jeff to repair or replace damaged signs along the entire trail.  The team we were on started at Poison Spider with Glen as the leader and the other team led by Dee, started at Gold Bar. The plan was for the two paint teams to meet, hopefully somewhere near the middle of the trail and WE DID! 

We met at the cinema at 8:30 sharp.

Our group aired down at the Poison Spider trailhead. 

Joe has decided to call our jeep Mini Pearl since it is usually the smallest in the group and we almost bought a Mini Cooper instead of a Jeep... can you believe that ? 

All work and no play makes for a dull day. We had a few miles and fun obstacles to climb on Poison Spider Mesa before we got to the left hand turn where Golden Spike begins. 

Hi Melissa!

Glen is ready if anyone needs a spot on Wedgy.

The waterfall...

Golden Spike was created to link Poison Spider Mesa and Gold Bar Rim...the trio is known as the "Trifecta".  Once on Golden Spike, the lead vehicle (Glen) stopped to begin painting the first quarter mile, while the others passed and drove a quarter of a mile before the next vehicle stopped to begin painting their quarter mile, ect., ect., ect.  Thus the game of "leapfrog" began.
Chris, with paint in hand, on her first section. Joe, Dave, Scott, Dale, and Gary all had passengers to walk their quarter mile lucky for them!
Melissa painting one of many domes we climbed.

Lunch is always a time to regroup and visit. The rim/mesa trails guarantee a great view and Golden Spike was no exception.

Glen enjoying the view.

Our lunch spot.

There's Pearl...

Wahoo! Larry and Glen meet in the middle!

At this point, Joe and I turned around and went out the way we came in with Dee's group.

Until next time, let the good times roll...



  1. Good job out there painting! I know we appreciate the paint markings when we hike areas of rock. Sure helps keep everyone on the right trail. A fun work detail!

  2. Such a fun day helping out with the trails.

  3. Looks like you're still enjoying great weather in the area. Always love your photos.