Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Little Revenge with MonaLiza and Steve

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
April 11, 2016

I have done many posts on the Hell's Revenge 4-Wheel Drive Trail, but today's adventure was made extra special by having MonaLiza and Steve ( join us.  I will never forget the first time Joe and I drove Pearl there and all the adventures we have had  since on this awesome, iconic Moab trail.  We joined our friends Dee, Mike and Melina  and the Havasu 4-Wheelers.  Dee and Mike both had buggies while the rest of us had an assortment of jeeps.

Mike leads the way...
 Our first stop of the day was the River Overlook.  Of course the Colorado River and Hwy 128 are not all you can see.  The large vistas sweep full circle from the river to Arches NP to the La Sal Mountains to Moab Rim (the cliffs that overlook Moab).

Steve and MonaLiza take in the view.

The first obstacle of the day was Hell's Gate.  MonaLiza and Steve enjoyed a nice climb up the Gate with Dee.  Dee's buggy Wild Thing is at the back of the line.

about half way up...

We all gathered around The Hot Tub for lunch with a view after that.

Before we left, the buggies took a dip in The Hot Tub.

Going in...

coming out.

Near the end of this 6.5 mile trail is Escalator.  Pictures don't quite show the difficulty of this two in one obstacle,

 but Steve's reaction does show the thrill of the ride!

What a great day we had.  A huge thank you to Dee and Mike.  

Until next time, happy days...

  happy trails !

When we got home, the sun was setting behind Poison Spider Mesa.  

I went inside to let the pups out.  Jack has to stay in a crate which we call his man cave. When he ran out I noticed he had his baby standing up in the back of the crate covered with his blankie.  Since that day, we have found it that way twice.  

 How sweet is that?


  1. Whoa! You took your Jeep on that? Maybe it's more me but I'd rent something, just to go watch you! Awesome trail with just the right amount of challenge vs. reward. Thanks

    1. It is an awesome trail Jeff. If you are ever in Moab when we are here, we will definitely get together!

  2. Whoohoo! What a thrill it was and how fortunate we were to be invited in.
    I'd say Gay, you and Joe made my silent wishes come true after reading all your jeep rides. Im thankful too that Dee graciously took us in and showed us how exciting it is. And looking at your pictures, I can't even believe Im one of the passenger! Dee's Wild Thing did a great job of giving us the excitement and adventure of a lifetime. Whew!

    1. We had a great time too ML. It made me happy to watch you and Steve and all the expressions on your faces as you climbed down, up, in and out of one of my favorite jeep trails.

  3. Gay, you got some awesome photos of Steve and MonaLiza's expressions. Loved seeing their joy and thrill as they rode with Dee.

    What a sweet puppy:) Love that Jack is taking care of his baby:)

  4. Way too much fun there and some amazing trails, thanks for the tour.

  5. That is a great ride! Those skies are incredible. I know it's a day you'll all remember with big smiles.

  6. Glad to see that you're out having a lot of fun. Also, nice to see that the weather is smiling on you.