Friday, June 10, 2016

Vistas, A Well, and Pictographs

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
June 2 & 4, 2016

Last week while Joe was at Moab 4X4 Outpost, he met Red.  Red and Dolly (from So Cal) have been visiting Moab and riding trails for 30+ years. Red invited us to join them the next day for a Jax Trax/Cameo Cliffs run.  

Located on the south side of town this combo trail offers great views of the LaSal and Henry Mountains and everything in between.

Always something beautiful around every corner.

We saw lots of sego lilies. This beauty was named the Utah state flower in 1911.

We also met Puff, Red and Dolly's 10 month old Shar-Pei. She is full of energy and love and oh so cute !

Two days later we joined them again for a Rainbow Terrace/3D trail ride. On the way, we made a stop at Dubinsky Well.  


The stone work to construct the holding tank for water is amazing...huge stones precisely placed in a large circle perfectly straight on the outside and slanted towards the center on the inside.  

the outside wall...
the inside wall...

We then circled back and headed for Rainbow Terrace and a view of the meadow below it.  Lighting does not show the purples that we have seen in the terrace before.  It's especially pretty wet. 
striations in the terrace

the meadow below
 Our lunch spot on one of the lookouts on 3D trail was gorgeous.  We even had a breeze !

Looking right towards Hwy 313... 

 straight ahead toward Bartlett Wash... 
and left toward Hidden Canyon. 

The highlight, other than the great company, for me was seeing two unique pictographs.  The first is known as Bartlett Pictograph Panel.  
The green alien...

A small area for parking with a kiosk is provided at the trail head.  Its a short walk to an alcove where the "green alien" (although faded, it is green) along with a collection of other pictographs is located.

and other figures.
 A short drive to and on Hwy 313 we found the "intestine man" also a pictograph.  We have driven by this spot many times and never knew it was there. Parking is along the road with a short walk to the panel which appears to be an interesting story.

 It is thought that the drawing on the right is a bear claw. 
The up-close picture below shows a man, the man fatally attacked and an angel.

A short walk away is a panel of petroglyphs.  It depicts a man, a trail, and very fat big horn sheep.  

We enjoyed meeting Red and Dolly and appreciate them letting us join in on these adventures.  Two awesome trails and adventures.
Until next time, happy days...


  1. How nice to meet new trail riding friends! I so understand why the one trail us called 3D. Boy, the rocks in the area were very 3D and so cool! The pictographs are so unusual. I've never seen any like that. They are very alien. Great find! Puff is so cute:) Another great day on the trail:) Don't melt down there! It sure is hot.

  2. You are right there is something around every corner. You just need to look for it. Good job!

  3. So much amazing scenery to see and explore, when you can Jeep the back country. More wonderful pictures.

  4. I can't believe there are any trails left that you haven't been on! Puff is darling Love the pictographs, very different!

  5. Those pictographs and glyphs are fascinating. I have not seen a detailed art such as those. Are those protected? Or is it too remote that they are secured by themselves.
    It must be real hot out there, but hey as long as you have new friends to ride with , hot or not the trails are beckoning.