Friday, June 17, 2016

The Fins and The Rocks

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
June 6 & 7, 2016

For some reason or another, last year we didn't spend any time on Fins and Things.  So when Red and Dolly asked us what trail we wanted to do, I didn't hesitate to say "the fins". Like Hell's Revenge, it is a classic 4X4 trail here with humongous views.  This was the first trail Joe and I did in our brand new stock Wrangler 3 months after we purchased it in 2013.  The purpose then was to figure out what modifications we needed...and so the journey began! 

I always love the fins !  It's still jaw-dropping...   

 As the name would imply, this trail is not all about the fins.  There are "things" to traverse as gnarly climbs and sandy washes. 

Moab Rim...

and the LaSals make a beautiful backdrops.

The next day we were off to Behind The Rocks with Red and Dolly and were excited Dee joined us as well.  Our version is referred to as a "tip-toe" version because the extreme obstacles called High Dive, Up-Chuck, and Hummer Hill have go arounds and we took them. Dee drove Up-Chuck and played on Hummer Hill.  The go-arounds are difficult...this would not be a trail one should do without a buddy. 

Dee is always helpful when we tackle new obstacles.

Whee...Red led the way on this curvy section of sandy wash that had me giggling...

This is the top section of the by-pass for High Dive...Dee was the last to go down.

We made a large loop around Prostitute Rock...

...on the front side is Balcony Arch

 ...and on the back side is Picture Frame Arch where we had lunch in the shade of piñon pine trees.

After lunch Dee led for awhile as we meandered below and up-close to The Rocks.  Hummer Hill was on the way where Dee made the near vertical climb and descent.  
What fun it is to play in the sand !  Impressive sand dunes...

Behind The Rocks is an awesome trail.  We had a great time...thanks Red and Dolly, and Dee.  

The hottest part of the day here isn't until 4:00.  Dover has had fun cooling off in the doggie lake here at Portal.

With the cool morning temps, Jack gets plenty of time to play ball.  

And Sally knows just how to handle the warmer temps.  

Until next time, happy days and...



  1. I still wouldn't be able to take any vehicle over those rocks. I just know I'd damage it.

  2. What fun trails...for you two:) Behind the Rocks looks tough. Good job! Love the photos of the puppies:) Dover is so cute in the water. And Jack does love his ball:) Sally is quite the smart lady sitting in the shade! Try to stay cool:)

  3. Wow that Moab Rim looks "fun"! Such beautiful country. The clan looks like they're figuring out the hot temps!!