Thursday, March 16, 2017

Catalina State Park

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
March 2017

Our final couple of weeks in Tucson have been busy days.  We have new glasses and sunglasses, all my appointments taken care of,  new RV house batteries thanks to The Battery Guy, who replaced them on site (always my favorite way to have service done), new fluids in Belle, and two fans installed in the engine compartment thanks to Rick's RV Service, AND visiting with Carol, Ronnie and their pup Cooper.  

We managed to get in 3 bike rides, 2 days of hikes, and some yummy eats in between all of our appointments. 
A quick water break at Augie Acune Los Ninos Park

The Loop in Tucson is 131+ miles of shared bikeways that connects parks, trails, and bus and bike paths.  The best part is that we can get on it right from the KOA. 

Our choice for hikes was Catalina State Park.  Since Carol and Ronnie had never been to Catalina State Park, it was our choice for some easy and beautiful hikes.  The first day we got a late start due to a bone density test I had done so we hiked the Birding Trail.  The next day, we combined the Nature Trail and Romero Ruins.  It's been warming up to the low 90s here so an early start sure helps beat the heat. 

You have to cross the wash to get to the Birding !

This thick, cool, luscious, grass lined Birding Trail in one section... 
...and I wasn't the only one who enjoyed it !  

I see you Cooper !

The prettiest wildflowers were on the Nature Trail and Romero Ruins Trail.

We did see ruins which cover about 15 acres on a ridge overlooking the Sutherland Wash.  These ruins  are the remains of a Hohokam Indian Village that was occupied between 500 and 1450 A.D.  Also easily visible are the remains of more recent structures (1910) built by rancher Francisco Romero.

 The views from the ridge are very pretty...especially with wispy clouds.


Isn't this a beautiful saguaro?  It was huge, healthy, and so full.

Well, until next time...

Up next, spring in Moab, UT...yippee !


  1. Pam, that saguaro is awesome! I was thinking it might be the largest in AZ, but alas that bragging right belongs to a 57-armed beast in Lost Dutchman SP.

    What's not to like about Moab? Hope we can work another trip there next year!

  2. Shorter trails were definitely necessary with the temps. At least riding the bike creates a breeze. Beautiful photos, Gay! See you in Moab!

    1. Thanks Pam! Looking forward to seeing you too!

  3. Those giant saguaros at Catalina are amazing!

    There's a really wonderful loop hike from the Romero Ruins TH...go straight up the trail instead of turning left to the Ruins and you'll find yourself on about a 3 mile or so loop. It takes you gently up to a beautiful creek, then down (a little steeper, but not too bad). You'll come out just a tenth of a mile down the road from the Romero Ruins parking lot. It's not on the park map but it is called Alamo Canyon on Google Maps.

    1. Oh Wow...thanks Lisa! It's on the list for next year!

  4. You got some really great flower pics, I'm missing the spring blooms in the rugged beauty. Wonderful pic of you and the giant Saquaro!!!

  5. What a nice area with so many flowers. Love the cactus!

  6. Safe travels back to Moab!! Hope all your final appointments went well. My best wishes -jeanne